Magi the Kingdom of Magic ep 7-8 impressions


And so begins the seperation of 3 dear friends and the start of 3 different stories. Our first stop will be the animated version of hogwarts, Magnostadt.

Pict453 Pict471

I’m gonna get straight to the point; Magnostadt looks amazing. For a setting described as heavily prejudiced and corrupt, this academy is teeming with activity. It also helps that we get a more detailed look at how magic works outside of Rukh influence. The training is ruthless and the classes are competitive(based on 6 ranks), but new facts, such as magic consisting of specific elements and how body composure influences magical output, proves that the knowledge is well worth it.

Pict320 Pict481

It’s clear that each of our 3 main characters will have their own story to tell, and I’m glad they’ve managed to hold onto that fact. From riding past bandits to learning to use different magic, the focus never strays from Aladdin’s point of view. It also helps that they point out how crap Aladdin is with magic when not depending on Rukh. This made his predictable story of ranking up through perseverance feel much more satisfying than it should.

Pict313 Pict452

The new characters don’t get much screentime, but they’re pretty interesting as well. Ren Kouha has a delightful mix of bratty arrogance and bloodthirsty joy, along with his alpha male tendencies over his 3 adopted servants. The teachers at Magnostadt seem strange and threatening, but they still get proud everytime a student manages to succeed. Sphintus seems haughty at first, but he’s grown to like Aladdin after seeing his efforts. My guess is he’ll remain Aladdin’s buddy for as long as his stay in Magnostadt.


Other than the fresh setting though, I have to admit that everything else was run-of-the-mill. The brothel gag between Alibaba and Aladdin is plain predictable now, and Aladdin’s progress through Magnostadt’s beginning courses is a predictable training montage mixed with a large-boobed S&M version of Sgt Hartmann(Full Metal Jacket). Nevertheless I am excited for what new sites the rest of the trio will explore, so i’ll give it a pass.


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