Noucome OVERALL impressions


It’s no question that Kill la Kill was the craziest show this season, but there’s one show that I would argue rivals it in the nonsense meter. A gag series so intent on making our lead suffer that god himself trolls him. This is the romcom that will never bend to logic, Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru(or Noucome for short).

Ore%20no%20Nounai%20Sentakushi%20ga,%20Gakuen%20Lovecome%20o%20Zenryoku%20de%20Jama%20Shiteiru%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2004 Ore%20no%20Nounai%20Sentakushi%20ga,%20Gakuen%20Lovecome%20o%20Zenryoku%20de%20Jama%20Shiteiru%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2039

I absolutely love the concept to this show. The “absolute choice” they use to make the lead torture himself is flat-out hysterical. Other than being the main plot device of the show, it’s completely unpredictable on what choices will pop out, with both choices often being “bad or worse”. It also seems to have perfect troll timing, as it shows up when the situation can’t be any worse. It could be argued that this makes it too convenient, but it’s arguably the best joke in the show(love the alternate choices after each ep).

Ore%20no%20Nounai%20Sentakushi%20ga,%20Gakuen%20Lovecome%20o%20Zenryoku%20de%20Jama%20Shiteiru%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2031 Ore%20no%20Nounai%20Sentakushi%20ga,%20Gakuen%20Lovecome%20o%20Zenryoku%20de%20Jama%20Shiteiru%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2032

Even without the premise, this show was spot on in terms of comedy. Every character takes the stereotypical role of a romcom character and pumps the wackiness till all traits explode. In fact, that’s the formula this show’s comedy is; a parody on ecchi harems. And I don’t mean just characters and cliches, but even the subtle tropes such as over-the-top censorship, the impossibly large boobs, and even how irrelevant the side characters are. Better yet, it has enough variety while being consistently crazy so that you never expect what will come next. One example would be the jealous fanclub that beats the crud out of the lead, except one of them is gay for him.

4ZkA7XC Ore%20no%20Nounai%20Sentakushi%20ga,%20Gakuen%20Lovecome%20o%20Zenryoku%20de%20Jama%20Shiteiru%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2026

However it also tries to weave in a plot, and this is honestly the weakest part of the show. It comes up with arbitrary rules that force situations to happen, and the drama itself is really uncompelling. This is because while the characters are funny to watch, there’s no changing that they are parodies of anime stereotypes. The last 3 episodes show signs that the writers ran out of ideas, leading to several loose ends in the story and a handful of bad jokes.


Overall, this show is a mixed bag. The story’s a mess and the characters aren’t that memorable, but there’s just too much comedy gold in this show to label as skippable. And even if it lags later on, the majority of it is some of the most fun i’ve had this season. If you want to turn your brain off and just go for a crazy ride(even if it ends on a whimper), then it’s definitely worth your time.


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