Magi the Kingdom of Magic ep 9-10 impressions


How do you start off an underdog story after having the shortest of a trio level from lowest to highest in 1 ep? Have a cat piss on the other guy’s face. What other prize is there when saving random people bites you on the ass? 🙂

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Just like before, I have no complaints when it comes to the setting. Much like how the Kou empire bases itself on ancient china, Leam is heavily influenced from the Roman Empire. And I don’t just mean superficially (white robes, acqueducts, colisseum), but the overall society of that time. A stable economy and government system allows them to guarantee citizens a stable and luxurious life, to the point that the 3 petty robbers from the Balbadd arc now manage their own casino.

Pict896 Pict914

However Alibaba is headed toward the Yambala warriors for his training, which leads him to the life of a gladiator. This is where he experiences the ugly side of Leam, where slaves are forced to fight and citizens cheer at their death. But what made these details so effective is how well it connects to Alibaba’s viewpoint. He goes from starving on the streets to fighting in a casino to nearly getting his arm eaten by a giant ape who’s muscles can break metal. Certainly a harsh way of adapting, but by the end he’s smoking cigars with said giant ape while capturing the heart of yet another girl.

Pict708 Pict720

Speaking of which, I really like the new characters they brought here. Toto is quite likeable as both a rival and possible romantic interest, and her battle with Alibaba is quite intense despite only being an entrance exam. Other characters such as Yambala’s leader Shambal, Magi Scheherazade, and a supposed Fanalis corps don’t get as much screentime, but they don’t brush it aside as much as the ones in Magnostadt. They elaborate on key info such as Alibaba’s 2 magoi and Leam’s political state, but they also get time to show off their character(or at least Shambal does).


As a small bonus, the comedy made me laugh this time around. It’s still crude in nature, but having the introduction to Shambal being him losing everything(shirt, pants, and tooth) at a dice roll is MUCH funnier than the usual tit-grab from Aladdin. With that in mind, I’m thoroughly interested in both Aladdin and Alibaba’s side of the story. Now to see how Morgiana’s doing.

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