Nagi no Asukara Episode 12 Review~


By watching last week’s preview, I honestly expected this episode to be melancholic more than anything.

What we are given is an episode filled with drama, anxiety, emotions, and of course confession after confession!

In my opinion, this is the best episode in the series by far because it sets everything and everyone back in motion especially with all the emotions and confessions going on. Hisaki finally admits and confesses his love for Manaka in front of his friends all thanks to Kaname. Chisaki also tells Hikari how she feels about him and Manaka is confused with her feelings because she looks like she doesn’t know who to confess to: Tsumugu or Hikari.


I really admired Hikari’s maturity in this episode, where he himself realized that he needs to approach everyone in a matured way. For example, during the scene of Chisaki’s confession, if it was the Hikari I knew from earlier in the series, he would not have stopped for her. He would have kept on chasing after Manaka and probably not even notice or care that Chisaki fell. In addition, he sits down next to Chisaki and listens to her confession without freaking out thus enabling the both of them to talk about their feelings regarding what they are currently going through. Chisaki as well didn’t freak out when she confessed her feelings. Because of this, she gets a one up in my book.


Thing is, this episode didn’t start off with full blown confessions. It actually began with Tomoru (Hikari and Akari’s father) coming to the surface so that he can talk to his daughter. In their conversation, he tells her that he approves of her soon-to-be marriage with Itaru. I honestly didn’t see this coming. Especially since he showcased his disapproval of their love during the beginning of the series. But, I’m glad that he had a change of heart and finally considered his daughter’s feelings and happiness. We also get to know him a little more as a father, which touched my heart.


Through my observations of the characters, Kaname is who I consider to be one of my favorites thanks to his level of maturity despite the fact that he scrutinized Hikari in front of his friends and all. In my opinion, without him doing that, I don’t think the confessions would come any time soon especially when they don’t have much time left on their hands. So, I am not that displeased with Kaname’s hasty, angsty actions of putting Hikari and his feelings in the spotlight. I honestly think that he too, should talk about his feelings just like how almost everyone else did in this episode so that he doesn’t snap later on. He seems like the type that bottles everything up inside in front of everyone; but releases all his feelings when he is alone. But, that’s just me speculating.


Also, I have suspected Tsumugu’s grandpa to be from Shioshishio. I am also assuming that he is also affected by the hibernation because of his weird coughing. Could it be that his Ena is becoming thicker and he might possibly drift to sleep as well?

If that is the case, would Akari, Hikari’s sistersister, drift into hibernation as well?


We also see Tsumugu have more screen time in the episode as well. He has an encounter with his mother, who he obviously doesn’t like. But, why? Why does he hate his mother? What did she do to make him feel and act that way towards her? What is the significance of their relationship? I honestly want to know more about him now.


I really like how the events unfolded in this episode. It brought the plot and character development of not only Hikari and Manaka, but their friends back on track as well. We’ll see what will happen with the group of friends in the next episode. Especially with the ceremony and wedding coming upup and the hibernation slowly finally beginning.


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