Unbreakable Machine-Doll ep 11-12 final impressions


So all it took to make Henriette get over her inferiority complex/suicide habit was to have Charlotte say she has bigger boobs? That’s more covenient than the mid-battle power-ups in this arc.

Pict349 Pict369

Being that this is the finale for this show, you’re probably wondering if the ending is satisfying. Well as an end to an arc, it’s very satisfying. Everything involving the current arc is resolved, the fight scenes had some weight this time around, and it manages to set up further intrigue without leaving itself on a cliffhanger. Not to mention that details on the Machine-Doll elaborate more on Magnus’s motivations, Raishin’s stakes at winning(losing=sacrificed body), and somewhat justifies Yaya’s power-up towards the end.

Pict363 Pict374

Some of the other twists are interesting, but kind of silly. Who would’ve thought that Cedric was not only the executive commitee chair of the Evening Party and aware about the Granvilles working as a backup scapegoat for Kingsfort, but is a fake identity set by a participant in the Evening Party, the Elf Speeder Alice Bernstein. Halfway through that statement, I expected her butler to transform into a unicorn or something.

Pict377 Pict380

Regardless, the overall ending is only fine as the end to an arc. As the end to a series, it’s still incomplete. Not exactly something to rant about, but any questions involving the main plot largely remain a mystery. Progress with Raishin’s revenge is stalled throughout the entire show, and many recurring characters became plot devices after their respective arcs. If the victim in need wasn’t connected to Charlotte, this would remain as irrelevant to past arcs as the Sword Angel story. Basically, we’ll have to wait for a sequel or read the Light Novels for the more interesting details.


Unbreakable MachineDoll wasn’t a great show, but it’s one of the shows this season I enjoyed. The setting was grand, the music was great, and while the characters remained stereotypes, I found that they had enough nuance to be considered likeable. But it also suffers from a formulaic plot structure, some of the worst CG in anime this year, and leaving way too much unanswered. If a 2nd season is made, I’ll be sure to watch it. However, I’m not waiting in agony.

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