Space Dandy – Episode 1 Impressions


He’s the dandiest man in space

Has the salvation in anime come? Was it like when Kill la Kill first aired? Or maybe Sword Art Online? Or Shingeki no Kyojin? Or maybe, even perhaps the continuation of Fairy Tail?

Not really. At least not until Gintama starts airing again. (I WILL COVER IT 100% IF WHEN IT DOES)

But is Space Dandy something worth talking about when it comes to the future of anime?



Space Dandy is a dandy man, he’s a gentleman, according to the definition of Dandy. What strikes funny is that he’s quite the opposite. He’s a womanizer who seeks ladies butts.

I see people bashing on this show for being ecchi, but to strike them straight in the head and call them complete idiots. Telling them to first off, understand the difference between ecchi and flat out sexual portrayal Ecchi is the kind of crap you see when you watch something like SAO, it’s subtle, and unnecessary. In Space Dandy, it’s not supposed to be subtle, and though it might not be necessary, the over all environment allows it to exist.


This is called a breastaurant.

Dandy’s job is basically to explore the universe in search of undiscovered alien species and turn them in for cash. It kind of resembles Hunter x Hunter in terms of discovering the unknown.

He and his outdated robot QT run into a cat like alien whom Dandy names Meow, from there, Meow takes them to a planet where they would be able to discover a lot of unknown aliens, though, things take a turn for the unexpectedly bad.


Of course, Dandy being a genius plants an explosive inside his Hawaiian themed doll and tells QT to activate it, in which the ship will explode in a super nova. The only problem is that Dandy didn’t think things through and they were all caught in the explosion too.


Alls well that ends well, wait! All the characters are dead!

What amused me from the beginning was the level of humor that was portrayed in this show from the very start. Stark at the beginning, we already get a 4th wall break from QT as she talks about the narrator, and even the narrator breaks the 4th wall by stating that he’s fed up with his job.

It’s sort of Gintama esque, and it certainly brings a comedic touch to it as a sort of sitcom.

As expected from Shinichiro Watanabe, art and music are of the great quality and meets my expectations with dazzling stars (no pun intended).

Overall, Space Dandy delivers, much in contrast to the general publics opinion simply because it’s a show that you can’t take extremely seriously. Take it as it is, pure entertainment.


ED: Welcome to the X Dimension by Etsuko Yakushimaru
Best ED I’ve heard in a long time, Etsuko is a genius songwriter.


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