Toaru Hikūshi e no Koiuta – Episode 1 – First Impressions~

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Toaru Hikushi e no Koiuta is a prequel to Mad House’s the Princess and the Pilot (Or Toaru Hikushi e no Tsuioku). Both productions may share the same world, but each have something different to offer.

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On a side note, why did the writers decide to name their male protagonist Kal-El? Throughout the whole episode whenever I hear his name, Superman pops up in my head out of sheer impulse.


Anyways, Kal-El who is the male hero of this story flies an airplane as a pilot trainee who is about to go on a journey to a mysterious place called the End of the Sky. He seems to possess some revenge and bitterness within his heart which causes him to come off as a child who can’t seem to control his emotions. For instance, his reactions to the silver-haired standoff-ish boy he encounters.


Kal-El’s obvious and assumed love interest, Claire Cruz is the quiet, sweet, and stable noble girl who plays the stereotypical shy anime girl too well. I have nothing to say about her. But,  by finding out that she is a noble, reminds the viewers that this anime presents us with the idea of distinguishable socioeconomic classes. Thus, reminding us that the story doesn’t revolve only around a flight school and budding love story.


Speaking of love story, I felt like the romantic interactions between Kal-El and Claire were a bit rushed. From my personal standpoint, I am a person who enjoys seeing two characters DEVELOP romantic feelings in time. I am not a fan of the cliche, “He gazed into my eyes, and I felt a sparking connection.” kind of thing. When Claire thanks Kal for “holding her tight” on their first meeting and Kal had that look of, “Oh, yes! I have found love after five minutes of splashing water at each other a bike ride!”, I was obviously showcasing an expression, of NO. I hope that the anime does not rush anything else in terms of romance between these two characters like they did in this first episode. Because, I like to take things sloooow and see HOW the feelings came to be rather than just having them appear after one chance encounter.


This show really does have some potential that I hope it will showcase later on as the series develops. It still has to step over its level of clicheness when it comes to romance and meritocracy first though. But, let’s give it a few more episodes, and it may just surprise us. So, we’ll see.


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