Nagi no Asukara – Episode 14 – Review~


Finally! I have been waiting for Episode 14 of Nagi no Asukara to come out!

The anime series has returned and it doesn’t disappoint! There are big changes in terms of characters, time, plot progression, opening and ending themes, you name it!


It has now been five years since that emotionally and mentally traumatic night. Our cast (Chisaki, Tsumugu, Miuna, Akari, Sayu, etc.) is of course slightly older and the scenery around them has drastically changed. The sea seems to be frozen, ice floats throughout the harbor, and salt-flake snow is practically everywhere.

Now Chisaki is in nursing school, Tsumugu is attending college and studying oceanography (He sparked a huge interest in the sea villages ever since that night and wants to know more), Akari and her husband have a little boy named Akira, and Sayu and Miuna are now in high school with the same teacher as Hikari and friends five years ago. Oh, and did I mention that Tsumugu and Chisaki live together now?


Since Miuna and Sayu are in highschool, I assume that they are the same age as Hikari and friends were at when the show left off five years ago. Miuna is also another character who was emotionally and mentally traumatized by what happened that night five years ago. In this episode, she reminisces about her memories with Hikari and friends during the first half of the series. We also have her reminisce about moments after the ofunehiki. They are small and obvious things. But, it’s nice to know where Miuna comes from after the ofunehiki.


In addition, I am happy to finally find out that there are only 14 sea villages in Japan. All of which are completely frozen over to the point where currents prevent divers and researchers from examining what is going on below the ocean waves.


Through my eyes, Chisaki doesn’t look five years older. Although I notice that her chest and hips got a little bigger and woman-like and she is now a little taller. But, other than that she still reminds me of Chisaki from five years ago in terms of facial structure. With the time-skip and traumatic events she went through, her eyes seems to be filled with thoughts of her friends, their memories together, and that night. We are also given a nice montage of what happened to Chisaki post-ofunehiki. Even if she was taken in by Tsumugu’s grandfather (Who is currently sick and in the hospital), no romantic feelings blossomed between her and Tsumugu. 😦 With the time lapse of five years, I thought ahe would have. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind because she looks lonely and lost in thought as she thinks about the past. But, if it weren’t for her lingering feelings for Hikari, I think something between them could have happened. But, Tsumugu seems to respect her lingering feelings and remains emotionally distant. Plus, Chisaki refers to him as “family”. 


A boy confesses his love to Miuna during a night out as the middle schoolers watch the Tomoebi. But, sadly Miuna’s heart has been missing her “uncle”, Hikari, for the past five years. Luckily for her, she gets to finally see him (And in his birthday suit of course).


Both Tsumugu and Miuna rush to the scene as something magical happens during the tomoebi and Hikari awakens into the cold world naked. A world where time has moved on and everyone has grown up, but hearts and minds have remained in an emotional standstill. It must have been heartbreaking for Miuna to hear Manaka’s name and a question of, “Who are you?” from her beloved uncle and love interest when he first woke up. And it is obviously heart wrenching for Hikari to wake up five years into the future when he felt as if only a few seconds has passed.


If there is one thing I didn’t like about this episode, it would be the opening theme. The song was alright and the animation was of course gorgeous. But, it contained a lot of spoilers. For instance, it spoiled the fact that Hikari and Kaname are or will be alive (Even if I felt that they would be okay). They even showed Manaka sleeping. Now, that is not okay either! I don’t want to be spoiled! Freaking opening!

Anyway, the world above the waves is covered with salt-flake snow, and the tides have changed. My heart reaches out to Chisaki whose life has remained at a standstill. 😦 Honestly, those on land seem to have kept their eyes on the sea everyday to see if their loved ones would ever come back alive. Now I am waiting for everything to become complicated again. And I’m looking forward to hopefully, possible romance in the next couple of episodes! We’ll just wait and see.

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