Toaru Hikūshi e no Koiuta – Episode 2 – Review~


This second episode wasn’t as fast-paced when it came to romance like the previous one. Also, the characters and plot seems to be more fleshed out now because certain aspects were left unexplained in the first episode.

But, Boy! The tension between the noble class and the commoner class was highly evident today (Which I obviously predicted). And of course the tension is going to escalate from here. What I liked about this episode is the fact that Kal-El isn’t as feeble as he made himself appeared to be during the first episode of this series. For instance, when he fearlessly went up to that snobby, entitled noble student, Melze Fausto Fidel. He basically publicly shamed him by exposing something (Which of course I believe wasn’t supposed to be exposed): The fact that the Melze family was exiled to Isla. I give Kal-El props because that took a-lot of guts. And if he obviously was the feeble, timid guy I assumed him to be from the first episode, I wouldn’t even think he would pull a stunt like that. I am now looking forward to who he really is now.


Speaking of which, the whole debacle with Melze Fausto Fidel also revealed Kal-El’s true identity: He’s the former crowned prince of the Balsteros Empire, Karl La Hire. So, of course he would be knowledgeable of proper etiquette. He WAS a royal!


And, that silver-haired stand-offish guy, Axis obviously seems to hold a grudge against Kal-El. It has been showcased that he is well aware of who Kal-El was and what he is hiding. But, I still harbor questions of why he possesses such hatred against him. I am just assuming that it’s because Kal-El is keeping his former nobility a secret from everyone. At least I understand why there is so much animosity in their relationship. Well, kind of.

Also, good thing Sharif Benjamin asked why the island of Isla is heavily armed, guarded, and protected. Of course, we weren’t given an answer in this episode, but I can feel that it will be answered later on as the story progresses. It is obvious that the military commanders and Nina Viento are well aware of what they are expected to encounter. They just don’t want to get the students all rattled up and worry about what the future may have in store for them. Ignorance is bliss I guess. But, I honestly think it isn’t going to end well for the students in the mere future when they are done with their training.


I am happy to learn that there are actually three continents which are occupied by the nations of Balsteros, Benares, and Qi. Between the continents and the nations are the Sauram Sea and Noel Sea. And a massive, long waterfall is what separates these two seas. We also learned that the Holy Springs was discovered by Admiral Luis six years ago. This raises the assumed possibility that the other two nations are aware of its existence and are also pursuing the Endless Sky. Legend tells us that there are sometimes flying islands or rock that appear from the Spring. Those island are said to cross the sea, where they eventually reach a place that no one supposedly knows anything about: The Endless Sky.

In addition I am very curious about who Nina Viento is. Who is she? Why does Kal-El possess such a grudge against her?


Also, I was actually looking forward to seeing a glimpse of how the training turned out between Ariel and Axis. I really wanted to see how their interaction and communication would be like. Especially since their personalities are opposing polarities in a way: Ariel is social, open, and warm-hearted while Axis is just unapproachable and antisocial.

I am glad that this episode didn’t rush with anything (Epsecially romance). We were able to learn new things about the characters’ current and upcoming situations. Also, the fact that Kal-El was a former noble prince came to light. I hope it stays at the pace it is currently going for the next episodes to come!


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