Nagi no Asukara – Episode 15 – Review~


Yay! Hikari is back! He is alive, awake, and kicking!

But, wait. . Back up. What does his awakening entail afterwards? For him and everyone who cares about him?



Obviously, Hikari is overwhelmed by the slap of reality. Things have changed. He may have felt like it was only yesterday, but it has actually been years and a lot has happened to the world. His older sister has a son and he is now an uncle, the surface is covered in salt-flake snow, and everyone he knows is now five years older. It is highly understandable that all of that isn’t easy to take in. I totally felt his pain when the fishery men gave him back the ofunehiki flag. The memory of that night is still fresh on his mind because for him, it was just yesterday and not five years ago.


While Hiraki and friends were hibernating, Chisaki had to live on day-by-day waiting. Her days were filled with reminiscing about the past and wondering when her friends and family would wake up. Finally, one of them has awoken which forces her to realize what it means for both Hikari and herself. Sure, it time has taken its toll on things and the world moved on, but she can’t seem to shake off the feelings she still has for Hikari. Sad to say that from the very start, his feelings and his heart were never hers to begin with.  So, I will understand her reasoning for not seeing him right off the bat after he woke up.


And there is also Tsumugu. But, his supposedly unreadable face can’t seem to cover his feelings of utmost frustration regarding the situation. Also, I would like to exclaim that I KNEW IT! I knew that his feelings towards Chisaki has shifted from platonic to possibly even romantic. But, he is obviously just holding everything back because he is well aware of Chisaki’s feelings towards Hikari. I feel sorry for Tsumugu though because it looks like Chisaki can’t let go of the past and might not be able to return the feelings. Poor Tsumugu!



In addtion, Miuna can’t seem to understand what Hikari is currently going through. The only thing that is occupying her mind is the fact that her childhood crush has come back alive. Not only that, but they are also the same age! Thoughts filled with hope and happiness are going through her. Sadly, Miuna can’t seem to realize that Hikari might see her as a child (Assumption based on the fact that he sees Saya that way).  She only seems to realize and understand where Hikari is coming from emotionally when Tsumugu confronts Hikari as he tries to swim towards the hibernating village. He expresses his feelings of anger and sadness and Miuna finally realizes everything.



Also when Hikari and Chisaki finally meet after five years of being away from each other, I am happy to see Hikari’s sense of growth as a person and an individual. He’s able to break the ice by smiling and joking with her like the old days. His friends may be five years older, but they ARE still his close best friends. Sadly, for Chisaki their meet up is just a reminder of the feelings she still possesses that might never be returned.


Once again, I can’t complain about anything in this episode. The relationships amongst the characters are honestly hard to predict at this point in the story. We do know that Kaname is going to wake up soon. And of course it will be heartbreaking for him to find out that Chisaki still has feelings for Hikari even after all these years.

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