Toaru Hikuushi no Kiouta – Episode 3 – Review~


We finally get the chance to learn about Kal-El’s past when he was the crowned prince of the Balsteros Empire.

Six years prior to the present time, the rebellion that won the Wind Revolution turned the Balsteros Empire into a Republic. The rebellion of course consisted of people from the Balsteros Empire and were led by Frontier Duke Ameriano and Saint Aldista Priestess, Nina Viento. The people held a public execution for the king of the Balsteros Empire where he was beheaded. Meanwhile, him and his mother were held captive as prisoners until it was finally her turn to be executed. The day he lost his mother, Michael Albus also decided to take him in and raise him.




Kal-El’s mother wished for him to learn and practice forgiveness. But, unfortunately he can’t seem to let go of the past and continues to seek revenge against Nina Viento for the death of his real parents.



After watching today’s episode, Ignacio was most likely a supporter of the Wind Revolution. Especially since he was shown grinning maliciously as Kal-El and his family were brought down to their knees. As a viewer, you can honestly feel that the feelings of hatred are undeniably deep. I can honestly say that I am surprised that he didnt instigate anything in the first three episodes of this anime. But, more than likely we will see him step away from his passivity in the next episodes to come.



I would also like to note that Nina Viento was a little girl when she took part in the Wind Revolution. She is showcased as emotionless but Kal-El’s maddening gaze did struck a nerve of fear or shock in her. My question is, at that age, did she actually know what she was doing? Was she aware of what she was getting herself into?



I also admire Claire’s sense of support and perception in this episode. At first, I thought she was just a regular noble girl. But, she is a perfect partner for Kal-El especially in dire situations because she seems to be able to calm him down.

Oh, and one final question, why did the commander order Sonia to start formation training if they have only been practicing for a month? What are his actual intentions? 


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