Magi the Kingdom of Magic ep 11-13 impressions


Unlike the past posts, these 3 episodes don’t focus on a single arc or setting. But somehow they manage to tie-in together while setting up for something greater, so this time I’ll talk on an episode-by-episode basis.

Pict052 Pict074

The first episode focused on Morgiana’s lonely journey home. Unlike the lavish worlds Aladdin and Alibaba ended up at, Morgiana is stuck in a world of emptiness. Much of it is dedicated to Morgiana’s will to find the truth of her people even if the answers won’t be there. Aside from being an introspective look into Morgiana’s psyche, it was a huge surprise to see what happened to the Abhmad brothers. After the Balbadd arc, Abhmad has lost his god-like arrogance as a ruler, and instead dedicates his life to studying indigenous tribes. We don’t know much about Yunan, but he seems to be more peaceful than the other 2 magis.

Pict300 Pict338

The next episode returns to Hakuryuu’s point of view, and it’s far from a happy reunion. The Kou empire has always been portrayed as a dominant power, but this episode revealed how unstable it is. Unlike the bright feeling I got from Sindria, there’s a distinct feeling of disgust and tension present in the Kou family. Everyone has differing priorities when it comes to their empire(Kouen=unification, Hakuryuu=revolution, Hakuei=peace), and ultimately the chance to act upon them are stopped by Gyokuen’s takeover as empress. Her role as the manipulative whore was already despicable, but she was downright disturbing in this episode. Apart from her overwhelming power, she adores Hakuryuu’s malice towards her and publicly seduces his brother Kouen. That is some downright twisted love.

Pic243 Pic260

The last episode returns back to Aladdin, supposedly during a time skip. Most expect him to be the top student now, but it’s taken by a hotshot from Leam named Titus. Needless to say, both of them want to prove who’s the dominant magician, and Headmaster Mogamett is more than happy to let them duke it out. The fight itself is glorious, showcasing the multiple combinations of magic use, but the highlight was when Titus reveals a similar jewel as Aladdin, making him Scheherazade’s subordinate. Mogamett seems suspiscious of the two, but accepts both of them as his disciples. God knows what’s going on in his head, but it serves as the perfect stage for a rivalry considering both Aladdin and Titus have missions that require one of them to fall.


Really, i’m surprised that this season of Magi is so consistently good. The first season had a rocky start and amazing middle, then went straight down near the end thanks to drastic changes from the manga. Yet despite being told that they’ve changed the story here too, they don’t come off as jarring to me. And if the quality remains so in the 2nd half, I hope the Magnostadt arc simply blows me away.


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