Nagi no Asukara – Episode 16 – Review~


Time continues to move on and the characters of Nagi no Asukara are slowly adapting to the changes.


In the previous episodes we have witnessed Hikari endure changes in his life within just a short period of time. I am happy to say that he is actually doing well when it comes to adapting to these changes. He has definitely grown as a character since we have last seen him in the first arc. He keeps the facade of being cheerful and happy, but of course we can all feel that he is emotionally tormented inside.


It is also highly obvious that Miuna is not going to give up on her feelings toward Hikari. Sadly, Hikari doesn’t see her as anything but a relative and/or friend. He often teases her acts more like a brother than anything else. In Sayu’s eyes, everything looks like flirting and she informs Miuna of how she feels about it. Sayu showcases feelings of jealousy towards Miuna because at least HER crush came back alive. It is highly evident that after all this time, Sayu still harbors feelings towards Kaname.  All of this resulted to a fight amongst Miuna and Sayu, leaving Hikari to try and fix their current situation. Although Miuna feels like their friendship cannot be mended after the fight, Hikari thinks differently because he has seen something similar like this happen to Manaka and Chisaki.


Ah, and that mysterious ending. I really didn’t expect the results that came after Miuna fell into the sea. Did she always have this ability? Did she inherit it from her mother? Or is the world itself changing? With the population declining, I think it would be best if both worlds come together. Besides, half-breeds can choose where they can live and stay.  But, that is just what I think.


I am also excited about Kaname’s return! What will happen once he sees Chisaki? How would he feel about her living with Tsumugu? How will Sayu act once she sees her crush once again after all these years?


All in all, Hikari’s internal determination to bravely face the changes in his life inspires me as a viewer. And watching Miuna be there for Hikari while she and everyone knows that what she wants might never happen brings me feelings of pain. And the last few minutes at the end of this episode didn’t disappoint me. Nagi no Asukara, keep it up! Now, I can’t wait for the next episode! 🙂

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