Mahou Sensou ep 1-2 impressions


With a title as generic as “Magical Warfare”, I’m actually quite surprised how fun it was.

01 03

Let me make it perfectly clear that this is far from a hidden gem; it’s paint-by-numbers average. The magical lore and the rules of its universe are not only arbitrary, but seem shallow and familiar. Nothing about the characters seem distinctive and the direction of the plot is quite predictable. Any conflict that’s present is set-up through exposition, sacrificng dramatic potential for segues into battles.

Mahou%20Sensou%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2007 Mahou%20Sensou%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2037

But as far as the magic battles go, it’s actually quite impressive. They’re well-choreographed, fast-paced and gorgeously animated. More importantly, they’re shot at a distance so you can actually SEE what the heck is going on. MADHOUSE is no stranger to great action scenes(Black Lagoon, Ninja Scroll, Trigun, Highschool of the Dead), but I applaud them for putting enough money in these fights to keep me excited with minimal investment.

Mahou%20Sensou%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2024 Mahou%20Sensou%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2033

And despite how generic this is, it never reaches the point of being bad. The simplicity of it all is actually appealing in this sense. So far they aren’t dragging out with obnoxious melodrama or treating itself as smart material. The magical lore, while uncreative, gets the job done when it comes to setting up its world. And while the characters are complete stereotypes, they at least come off as likeable. I didn’t expect much in the first place, so i’m fine with what’s here.


I’ll probably wait for more eps before blogging this, since it’s still as generic as the title. However unlike Imocho, I am planning to follow it till the end. It looks like fun. 🙂

Check the Unblogged post to see how it REALLY ended up


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