Magi the Kingdom of Magic ep 14-16 impressions


These episodes drag on compared to the past 3, but they manage to blur the line between good and evil for Magnostadt.

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So what’s the secret to the massive magoi supply for Magnostadt? Through 20,000 lower citizens drained of it like cattle, and any resistance leads to an entire group being killed. Sphintus, Aladdin, and especially Titus is disgusted by this being allowed, but not for the same reasons as slavery. When I said they were treated as cattle, I meant that in a literal sense. Fear is definitely present, but most of these people aren’t impoverished. Instead they’re left in idle exhaustion while indulging in whatever luxuries they have left(alcohol, women, etc).

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In fact Mogamett not only gives an understandable reason to this, but actually manages to make his role as a villain sympathetic. Before Magnostadt was formed, he believed magicians could be recognized for their good works no matter what abuse they took. But after the greed of his rulers caused the death of his daughter and most of his friends, he now sees all non-magic users(called goi) as monsters/animals rather than humans. It’s not that he lacks compassion or morality; he welcomes Aladdin and Titus with open arms despite knowing their allegiances, raised Dunya from a young age, and proves through his actions that his wish for peace is genuine. It’s that his wish for peace is skewed to his idea of what counts as human and in-human.

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Mogamett’s kindness to magicians is definitely prevalent, but no one does this affect more than Titus. During his time in the 5th level, he grows fond of a dying girl named Marga. Despite growing up with a weak heart and no freedom, she was fascinated with the outside world and wished to be apart of it. Mogamett grants her this freedom for Titus the same way one gives a kitten to their child, and even lengthens her life force. Ironically this causes Titus more pain than joy, as it’s revealed that Titus isn’t exactly plentiful in living years either. By the time Marga professes her love for Titus and small wish to simply stay with him during her last years, he’s desperate to live longer even if it means betraying Leam.


I’m pretty sure we’ll see more of Mogamett’s cruel side in the future, and so far Aladdin is doing a good job at pointing it out. But one thing I can be sure of is that Titus and Aladdin won’t be keeping their truce together for long. Also I really miss the other characters, so I hope we move on from this world building and start building up the plot.


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