Noragami Episode’s 1-3


What you lookin at?

At first, the original summary of this show was about a girl being bullied, and seeing a phone number on the bathroom wall and calling it. Now I know that this isn’t the case, and is a completely off summary of the shows premise. In all actuality, if you’ve seen Blood Lad, this show is basically this, minus the ecchi, or rather, forced ecchi.

Noragami follows the story of a stray god named Yato, following his dream of someday, becoming a revered god that everyone worships. One day, he encounters Hiyori, an energetic, active high school girl who has a secret admiration for boxing.

On his way towards rescuing a cat in exchange for some worship, he is almost hit by a truck in which Hiyori delves out of her way to rescue him. This results in Hiyori getting hit, and her soul is then separated from her body in a sort of astral projection way that occurs randomly.

Hiyori then requests Yato’s assistance in getting her soul to stay back in her body. Yato agrees, in exchange for 5 yen.


Hey there pretty lady

Now Yato’s job as a god is to dispel these beings called Phantoms that cause havok on the human world. These phantoms cause many things, from sickness, to lost pets, crying babys, misfortune and the like, and it’s his job to make things right. As a reward, he gains some pocket change, and followers in order to make it up the chain of god hierarchy.


As far as premise goes, I was rather interested at the original. Though it didn’t turn out the way I expected, I was still rather pleased. Supernatural combined with the modern world is always something interesting.

Aside from that, the show seems to blend a sort of comedy along with extremely soft and non provocative ecchi.


 I swear Hiyori Iki is Chitanda’s lost imouto.

Art is a wish fulfilled, as an artist myself, I’m constantly awed by what pretty animations and designs companies come out with these days, but most importantly, how solid their character designs are. Characters are clearly set apart from each other, and for a high school “esque” show, it sets itself from the rest.

I like the show, and I’m pretty sure I will not be disappoint in comparison to last seasons Kyoukai No Kanata

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