Chuunibyou Ren ep 6-8 impressions


For once i’m going through a Chuunibyou Ren post that doesn’t include filler! It’s about time!

Chuunibyou%20Demo%20Koi%20ga%20Shitai%20Ren%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2007 Chuunibyou%20Demo%20Koi%20ga%20Shitai%20Ren%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2033

I’m so glad that we’re finally not beating around the bush when it comes to Rikka x Yuuta. Rikka has to face the fact that being shy about her feelings (and Yuuta not taking an initiative) is just holding back their chance to make progress. You would think having it pointed out by classmates would prevent such progression, but it actually gives them the right push towards an open relationship. All they needed was a sneak into Yuuta’s futon, a promise to meet up alone, and of course(after multiple teases starting from the christmas ova), Rikka landing a first kiss! At this point the ship has sailed, but there’s one anchor to deal with; that anchor is Shichimiya.

Chuunibyou%20Demo%20Koi%20ga%20Shitai%20Ren%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2024 Chuunibyou%20Demo%20Koi%20ga%20Shitai%20Ren%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2029

Shichimiya could’ve easily become the shallow shipping crusher, but I found myself constantly rooting for her. Unlike Rikka who uses her Chuunibyou to try hiding her real emotions, Shichimiya is giving up on her emotions to maintain her Chuunibyou. Maintaining a childish connection became harder the more her romantic feelings developed, and Shichimiya wasn’t willing to take that step if it meant losing the connection she already had. So of course it saddens her that Yuuta managed to keep both the romantic and childish connection she couldn’t maintain with Rikka. But more notably, she doesn’t try to break that relationship. Despite her tendency to cling onto Yuuta whenever given the chance, Shichimiya encourages Rikka to not let her Chuunibyou to get in the way of romance like it did for her. She’s more of a helpful ex than a love rival, and she’s sympathetic enough for me to wish for the latter.

Chuunibyou%20Demo%20Koi%20ga%20Shitai%20Ren%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2024 Chuunibyou%20Demo%20Koi%20ga%20Shitai%20Ren%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2033

Now you’re probably asking why I don’t count ep 8 as filler despite being another Nibutani x Dekomori episode. It’s because unlike the previous Nibumori ep, this one didn’t use their relationship as a punchline. Admittedly the story about Dekomori being fooled by another Mori Summer was quite cliche, and the comedy itself was weak compared to previous episodes. But the solution to it all really cements how much these two care about eachother. That Nibutani is willing to revert to her embarrasing past, and that Dekomori doesn’t care if she’s the real Mori Summer or not. I am seriously considering jumping on the yuri bandwagon for these two. 🙂


It took us half the entire series for some development to kick in, but what little that they brought was quite satisfying. I know that i’m weeks behind the new eps, but apparently they finally stop goofing around. And based on how it is already, i’m excited to see where this goes.


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