Kill la Kill ep 20-22 impressions


Ryuuko is an angsty b#tch, but the multiple blood rains keep it entertaining.

Kill%20la%20Kill%20-%2020%20-%20Large%2032 Kill%20la%20Kill%20-%2020%20-%20Large%2037

As you can tell by the opening statement, I had issues with Ryuuko in these eps. Aside from “boldly” diving into Ragyou’s hands, Ryuuko simply accepts her conversion to evil the moment it proves to be comfortable. It’s quite frustrating to see a main character so easily tempted, but the sad fact is that it’s far from unexpected. When you get down to it, Ryuuko is a simplistic character solely driven by angsty motivations who’s only protected from temptation by her stubbornness. Previous eps managed to cover that weakness by highlighting her stubbornness(fight with mako) or powerful rage(entire first half), but this shift into madness showcases how pathetic of a character she can be, especially since her dark side only last for 3/4th of an ep.

Kill%20la%20Kill%20-%2021%20-%20Large%2036 Kill%20la%20Kill%20-%2021%20-%20Large%2032

It also feels like Ryuuko’s actions deliberately drag out the plot so the writers can shove in more action or tie up loose ends they forgot to finish before. Admittedly this leads to some great set pieces and background info, but all of it feels like it could be avoided if it weren’t for Ryuuko’s dumb decisons. From Ragyou’s final preparations to Satsuki’s desperate attacks to Mako getting slashed in Ryuuko’s mind, all of it loses its impact because of how flimsy the reason is. As such, the extreme nature becomes frustrating rather than riveting, all while the main character ends up a tool for the plot to edit itself.

Kill%20la%20Kill%20-%2021%20-%20Large%2028 Kill%20la%20Kill%20-%2022%20-%20Large%2014

Now does this mean it wasn’t fun to watch? HECK NO! Seeing Ryuuko and Satsuki trade both their godrobes and ideals while fighting each other had a sense of irony in it that made the trade feel fresh and tense. Mako and the 4 devas play pretty important roles at helping Satsuki fight her back, making them just as useful as the main cast. And despite how annoying Ryuuko was when controlled by Junketsu, the first thing she does to rebel is make herself and Harime’s arms into a bloodbath, followed by finally acknowledging Satsuki as both a sister and ally. Needless to say, both of them were immensely satisfying.

Oh Shit! MAKO has her Goku uniform back!

Oh Shit! MAKO has her Goku uniform back!

I repeat that this still feels like an unneccessary detour, but I applaud TRIGGER for at least making good entertainment out of it. And with both sides ready to fight and loose ends tied up, I expect 2 episodes of sheer adrenaline and a satisfying ending .


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