Kill la Kill ep 23-24 final impressions

Kill la Kill - 24 - Large 19


What’s the solution for ending anything conceived by Hiroyuki Imaishi? The answer is BLOW THE F#CK OUT OF EVERYTHING!!

Kill la Kill - 24 - Large 31 Kill la Kill - 24 - Large 40

If you’re here to see climactic battles and every character playing a part, it delivers for the most part. Action set-pieces seem to rain from the sky and constantly have each side on the edge, regardless of how many victories they’ve managed thus far. Every character both good and bad gets enough time to shine, and all loose ends in the story are tied by this point. Couple this with a final battle in outer space along with a heroic end to Senketsu, and you’ve got yourself a climax that would leave most people satisfied.

Kill la Kill - 24 - Large 06 Kill la Kill - 24 - Large 39

However, a great climax doesn’t really equate to a great ending. Kill la Kill has always been weak when it comes to intimate character moments, but the biggest issue is that, despite all the teamwork during the build-up, it all boils down to putting their hopes into Ryuuko for the final fight. The scale of the battles are relatively tame compare to Imaishi’s other works, and the pattern of dominance in battle switches so often that it actually becomes boring. Furthermore, there’s a level of closure that’s kept on the sidelines for more battles, and i’d gladly cut out two fights for an epilogue going beyond Satsuki, Ryuuko and Mako in casual clothes.

Kill la Kill - 24 - Large 37 Kill la Kill - 24 - Large 38

But then again, does any of that really matter? Trigger was founded upon the idea that polish was not neccessary to make a fun show, and this show proves that. It’s quite obvious that the lack of polish leads to fundamental problems in every criteria, but there’s something about a show that has entertainment value at its top priority that leaves me feeling satisfied. Never pretentious, never pandering, and always willing to take bold steps with what little resources it has. THAT is why people love this show, and while i’ve seen this approach done in ways that could emotionally move me(Gurren Lagann), it promises and delivers an epic experience that never reaches boredom.


Kill la Kill might not be the game changer it was hyped up to be, but it’s definitely one of the boldest attempts in recent memory. Trigger basically took every shonen cliche they could find, slapped a lousy metaphor on clothing, and let their crazy imagination do the rest. It’s a fine debut for Trigger and a package of fun i’m glad to have followed.


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