Unblogged series of winter 2014

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With so many series coming each season and so few writers here, it’d be impossible to cover every show this season. Even this list here is a fraction of what was available, but I plan to do this more often in future seasons until we get more writers. So without further ado, these are the shows this season that I felt deserved a mention regardless of not being blogged(no Super Sonico, Witchcraft Works, or Sakura Trick).


Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku no Zvezda

Of all the shows to come out of Winter 2014, Sekai Seifuku is definitely the strangest one. When having a 10 year old trying to conquer the world is the LEAST random aspect of your show, it demands your attention. Certainly the pacing was awkward and the tone took a jarring turn toward the dark side, but there was never an episode that got me bored. So what if the characters were simplistic? So what if the story lost it’s mind? The randomness of this show carried it through and all connects well to the bizarre world conquest theme. Also, having an ep where a 10-year old girl start a holocaust against smokers became the most entertaining moment of winter season for me. LONG LIVE ZVEZDA!

Seitokai Yakuindomo S2 - 08 - Large 19
Seitokai Yakuindomo 2

Now technically this was promised to be a one-post blog, but finishing this show leaves very few words behind. The formula of having girls yell naughty jokes with a male straight-man is still fun. But I have two reasons for putting this in the surprise section. One is the animation budget; it’s INSANE! It’s almost like GoHands wanted to apologize for making Coppelion, so they copy-pasted the same amount of money. The second reason is how prevalent the romance undertones were. While certainly not enough to call in shipping flags, SYD found enough time to push aside the naughtiness for some subtle, innocent romance without seeming forced. This is especially the case for Uomi, who’s now related to Tsuda and the leading candidate for Official Waifu status. What can I say other than it leaves me wanting more? 🙂


D-Frag - 01 - Large 13

Remember when I mentioned Noucome was spot-on for the comedy, but dropped the ball everywhere else before its comedy declined as well? That’s the case for D-Frag. While seeing a bunch of girls act like assholes mixed with a straight-man routine was definitely hilarious, it fell flat when it came to making any of it memorable. This show basically threw any random punchline it could find before moving onto the next one, hoping any of them would cause laughter. And while I can’t fault the show for doing so, since it succeeded in making me giggle through confusion, it lacked an identity of its own. Give it a shot if you want random fun, but i’m already forgetting half the jokes in this show.

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei - 08 - Large 06 Mikakunin de Shinkoukei - 12 - Large 29
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

Both pleasant and annoying at the same time, Mikakunin had me more conflicted than any show this season. On one hand, Mashiro was fun to watch and Kobeni was perfect waifu material. They managed to showcase arranged marriage in a non-awkward way, and Kobeni’s adjustment to Hakuya as a lover was flat-out adorable. On the other hand, every other character (including Hakuya) ranged from dull and predictable to flat-out annoying. No one embodies that annoyment more than Benio, who had me clawing at my skull until she was off the screen. One-third adorable, one-third boring, and one-third annoying. It’s a mixed package, but certainly bearable.


mahou sensou
Mahou Sensou

Considering how low my original expectations were, I should be congratulating Madhouse for producing their worst work since Chaos Head. What promised to be predictable fun managed to take whatever dignity it had and burned it in a fire. The writing devolved from predictable to broken, pacing was as stable as a chimp’s attention span, characters magically became faces painted on rocks, and even the fights lost their luster as the show went on. I really want to slap myself for my positive first impressions, since this definitely deserves the hate it’s getting. Cool ED though.

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha - OP - Large 03
Inari Konkon Koi Iroha

With something as bad as Mahou Sensou here, you’re probably asking why I would dare put this show in the same category. So let me be clear when I say Inari Konkon was not a bad show. It had an earnest heart when it came to its friendship message and the characters were believable enough to excuse their occasionally frustrating decisions. But when I say characters, I mean the human characters. The Deities, on the other hand, are TOO STUPID for beings that are meant to be gods. Aside from most of them being simplistic personalities posing as characters, the main deity Uka brings a huge plot hole in the basic premise. If Uka knew that Inari could overuse her powers for good intentions, why give them to her if it means erasing her own existence? It makes her seem overly naive, Inari’s actions seem more irritating than they should, and exposes the fact this is all a tool to make conflict. Pacing is also an issue considering this was only 10 eps, leaving many subplots unresolved. So despite being described as a feel-good show(and occasionally succeeding), there were too many frustrations for me to relax. Go watch Uchouten Kazoku instead.


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