Noragami + Space Dandy Final Thoughts


Hello beautiful~

In short, both shows are great. Though Noragami gets the edge this season, Space Dandy was always a delight to watch. Hell I even took my Saturday nights to watch Space Dandy on Adult Swim. As both being Studio Bones shows, why would they not be good? I feel that I always have a knack for choosing the good shows of the season, might as well call it my special ability.

Other than that though, Noragami is the first anime that has brought me to the point where I follow the manga. And truth be told, I do not usually read manga, Noragami being the first in years. From what I can say, it gives us such an interesting look at the world of the gods, and how “normal” they might be integrated into human society. What can I say? It’s kind of like Blood Lad, only a lot less ecchi.



My reaction when I miss Space Dandy

I’m serious, this was my reaction when I realized that I missed Space Dandy. It was quite disappointing because I hate missing Space Dandy. Such an entertaining show. Don’t care if it doesn’t quite reach Cowboy Bebop level, because Space Dandy is great in it’s own right. Simple, not over achieving, not ambitious.

Though, there’s this single important question that I ask every time I watch Space Dandy: Why is Dr. Gel always after Space Dandy?

Unfortunately, that question is never answered, and I don’t think that it ever will, despite a second season emerging during the summer.


3 thoughts on “Noragami + Space Dandy Final Thoughts

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