Nisekoi ep 4-13 impressions


The source material is showing its flaws now, but this is still an enjoyable adaptation.

Nisekoi-Episode-7-Image-0021 07

Tsugumi is one of my favorite characters in the manga, but that’s mainly due to my soft spot for tomboys. What better way to add onto the awkwardness of love then someone who’s just grasped the concept of it? I may be just glowing over the fact my favorite girl is now animated, but it sure made that locker scene with Raku make me squeal like a little girl.

06 10

However, no amount of new girls is enough to cover Nisekoi’s greatest weakness. Nisekoi has a habit of meandering away from plot progression in favor of pointless hijinks. Sure there’s obvious clues along the way, but it’s also noticeable that this story isn’t progressing when every cliffhanger is resolved in the first 5 minutes of each episode, and each answer only makes things more complicated. Need a better example of this? There are now 3 keys; 4 if you count the manga!

03 04

But then I think about if this hampers my enjoyment, and the answer is surprisingly “No”. For me (and probably a lot of viewers), the charm in this show pulls through all the cliches and lack of progress. Nisekoi takes me to an innocent mindset of love most harems seem to brush aside for T&A. That’s not to say it completely avoids the naughty bits or romcom hijinks, but the highlights are always the smiles and blushes seen when two of a pair have their sweet moment together. And I appreciate a show that legitimately makes me hug myself during the sweet moments, particularly between Chitoge and Raku. Tsugumi may be best girl, but those two have so many “hnnng” moments it’s hard to keep count. 🙂



If you’re planning to stick with Nisekoi, know that it’s mostly content with weekly gag reels than any story progression. Based on the announcement of this being 20 eps long, I can guess that they’ll at least reach the mother arc. If that’s the case, there’s enough story left to keep things from feeling overdone. Just know that most of this show will continue to meander into hijinks, especially since Marika is coming next episode.


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