Captain Earth ep 1-4 first impressions

Captain Earth - 01 - Large 03

Everyone needs to watch this right now!

Captain Earth - 03 - Large 34 Captain Earth - 01 - Large 22

Right off the bat, this show seems to know exactly what it wants to be. Conflicts between Globe and the Kiltgang are set-up early on, intrigue on the origins of these mechs are hinted at, and character relationships/backstories are developed on the fly. The pacing so far is taking its time, and it makes sure to leave enough clues to grab my attention without exposing the big picture. It also helps that the presentation is so expressive, with bright colors, fluid animation, and mesmerizing lighting that seems to breathe life at the drop of a frame.

Captain Earth - 02 - Large 30 Captain Earth - 03 - Large 19

I also love how they mix real mech tropes and super robot tropes while distinguishing them through the age groups of the characters. On one hand, the members of Globe have to deal with corruption between allies(salty dog) while debating how to deal with the presence of alien life forms, all while the humans allied with Kiltgang are calculating their next move in world domination. On the other hand, Daichi is trying to live up to his father’s legacy as the protector of earth and reestablishing a friendship with two Kiltgangs (Teppei and Hana) that was forcefully broken when they were younger, all while having the Globe staff become his new family(Akari). It’s this split between innocence and tension that balances my expectations for an enjoyable mech series: endearing on a personal level, but interesting on a mental level.

Captain Earth - 04 - Large 23 Captain Earth - 03 - Large 12

But this show’s greatest appeal for me seems to be what detracts most viewers from watching: familiarity. Enough foreshadowing is given to leave space for surprises, but this is still a basic story with simple themes. There has yet to be a mind-blowing twist aside from Teppei previously being an enemy, and the two baddies feel more like team rocket than a main villain despite their destructive potential, past victims (Daichi’s dad), and goal to feed off of Human Libido. Even when I say the pacing gives enough to keep my interest, there still isn’t a set plot point to progress off of, and instead focuses on goofy hijinks between the kids. Goofing around is fine with such a light-hearted tone and basic story, but I can definitely see this getting on people’s nerves when the entire world is at stake.

Captain Earth - 03 - Large 16

This is nostalgic too…somewhat

BONES has outdone themselves last season, and I truly believe this will continue that great line-up. Sure it’s pretty cliched, but it works as a nostalgic element for me. This takes me back to the classic boy-meets-robot concept in a spectacular way, and I certainly hope it gets more attention.


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