No Game No Life ep 5-8 impressions

No Game No Life - 06 - Large 12

If the expectations are kept at the level I decreased it towards, this show can be fun to watch.

No Game No Life - 08 - Large 37 No Game No Life - 08 - Large 46

As much as I complain about the lack of rule consistency in this show, I will admit that it does its job at making things unexpected. With very little set in stone, the show has complete freedom over how the story and world can change. Logic is barely established, so having Sora dissappear at the end of ep 8 could be considered an open door to new mysteries. Game rules can have almost any loophole or magical twist, so it’s always interesting to see how it plays out and how Blank will win. Furthermore, Blank always bets high whenever they enter a game(this time the entire imanity race), so it manages to remain tense even if we know Blank always wins. And I think this is the main reason why so many people like this show: you want to see what it could possibly do next.

No Game No Life - 06 - Large 34 No Game No Life - 06 - Large 41

In fact, the main reason I preferred the materialization word game over the motivational chess battle is how it uses the lack of logical restraint to its advantage. Summoning anything imaginable through a mere mention and using it to try killing each other(in an alternative world; no one really dies) is both creative in theory and fascinating visually, but it wouldn’t work in a show that had set rules about its universe. It’s a concept that was only possible in a show like this, which is more than I can say for the chess battle. Embracing nonsense is always better than trying to act smart.

No Game No Life - 06 - Large 39 No Game No Life - 08 - Large 28

I just wished the characters and story would treat it the same rather than be complete hypocrites about it. For someone who claims that everything can be calculated, Sora depends on luck for his lifeline during all the big games. There was no guarantee that Jibril’s last words were what Sora had written on the paper, so why go with it anyway when he clearly stated in a previous episode depending on chance is stupid? What’s worse is that the show treats his words and actions like if they’re approved by god, making the plot write around him to prove his badassness(yet another cheat) and reducing even Shiro(the other half of Blank btw) to that of an air bag in terms of usefulness. And did I mention the show’s terrible sense of humor, with lazy references and cruel treatment of Stephanie?

No Game No Life - 08 - Large 13

I still can’t proclaim this show to be anything more than a good-looking guilty pleasure. I still want to slap it for acting smug and superior when it can’t even get basic storytelling right without cheating. However, if it keeps up with making the cheats somewhat interesting and the production values don’t get lower, i’m willing to have fun with it. You’ve only got 4 eps No Game No Life, so let’s see what you can do when gambling the human race and having your badass dissappear.


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4 thoughts on “No Game No Life ep 5-8 impressions

  1. ron says:

    We didn’t see this in the anime, but Sora prepared a lot of words on paper and he was deliberately leading Jibril to say one of the needed words.

    • theweirdman says:

      Well then that just means it’s a poor adaptation. It still doesn’t make the anime any better.

      • ron says:

        Well, they made it obvious in the book, because you can’t see what’s happening. In the anime there was indication about his strategy and it was something that can be easily missed. They simply didn’t spell it out loud, that’s all.

  2. theweirdman says:

    Fair enough, but something that important shouldn’t be left as simply implied. Imo subtlety only works when conveying emotions or a visual metaphor. Details like this should at least have a second long flashback (or something along those lines) for clarification.

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