Rail Wars Episode 1-3 Impressions

RAIL WARS - OP - Large 09

What a wonderful morning! Get up from the bed, wash up, eat breakfast, and finally time to watch some anime. And here it comes!!!! CHOO CHOO TWAIN!!! Here we have Rail Wars, a story when I first saw its premise just mesmerized me. An anime all about trains and operating them sounded like a really really funny idea. Also I like trains starting from when I was a child to now, its shapes and its sound forever enlighten me with bliss. But here was my chance to see if this anime with trains as its focal point was any good. So let’s go Studio… Passione???

The heck you want?

The heck you want?

The story starts out with our main character, Naoto, entering a sort of train school to become a regular train conductor. Throughout his months of school time he gains his friends: Aoi, the fighter, Haruka, the kind gentle friend, and Shou, the male friend. The group of protagonists that are introduced are not all that spectacular though as only 2 characters seem to stick out of the 4 main characters: our main character and the gun fanatic. It seems to me that their personalities are the only ones that are completely solidified enough to make me care about them. The Haruka seems to me as a token fanservice as she hasn’t done anything spectacular other than show off some skills as speaking English and we have Shou as a best friend token as really he hasn’t done anything other than smile big. But maybe we will get to care for them more.

RAIL WARS - 01 - 18


Friendship I swear!

I think this story is more about the growth of friendships like many other anime I have watched but it uses trains and its situations as mediums and so far I think its doing pretty well. So far, they have developed the trust bond between Naoto and Aoi using the bomb threat situation and it results were just sweet in general. Now hopefully we will get to see some more screen time for Haruka and Shou to make my prediction correct( I mean this is only 3 episodes so far). Only time will tell.However, for a show about operating a train there is quite a fanservice to be shown. Like a considerable amount. It doesn’t bother me too much but it sometimes it can get unwarranted (running scene like wow).


She has super hearing even when she listens through headphones?!

The show leans towards a show more about the situations like criminals and bomb threats then actual trains but who am I to say that a show only about trains would lead to a big success without some conflict. So the conflicts are more or less solved through a “Detective Conan” level of coincidence and a reasonably unreasonable thinking. I think that this show’s big selling point is its absurd way of solving a conflict as station employees and it just makes you simply sit back and let the intense situations carry out with the solutions coming with the utmost coincidence.

But nothing too much to say so far other than that this show definitely shows a tendency to draw out some excitement. So far, I don’t think that this is the funniest or the most ridiculous show I would see this season but currently it is able to catch some attention into my lazy lazy self.


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