My impressions on Glasslip episodes 1-3

Glasslip - OP - Large 01

* This a first time reviewer writing this review. If I screw up or accidently spoil stuff, forgive me while i bash my head into the nearest wall. If you’re the type to just skim through a review and get dissapointed by it, then you obviously didn’t look at my warning , You Impatient person. If you’re the type that doesnt like spoilers, then u might want to exit now, and watch the first three episodes of  the show in question. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!*

Ah, romance. The type of mushy-gushy crap I vomit at when i watch it in the movie theater yet fawn over whenever its in an anime.  I don’t know why but i guess i tend to relate to an animated person more than Jennifer Love Hewitt, but i digress. Today, I’m going to be talking about a show that i believe has the potential to join other great romances such as Toradora, : Glasslip (an original adaptation of a slice-of-life romance).


So  Glasslip opens up with a festival and Fireworks( Since you can’t have a slice-of-life anime without Fireworks!). But seriously, one of the strong points of this show is its visuals.  Never have i seen fireworks look so pretty in an anime before. Glasslip is animated by P.A Works, whose most notable works that I’ve seen are Angel Beats( Dat clusterfuck, though) and Another( Nightmare on Elm Street with a boring main character). Both of the aforementioned shows had really good animation and its not surprising that Glasslip is treated the same way. Sound also goes along with Glasslip’s rather cheerful atmosphere, as both the opening and ending are reminiscent of that of a cheerful melodic tone.


I’m not going to touch too much on the story since its slice-of-life and the show hasn’t progressed to the point where the story has manifested. As for characters,  well they’re pretty self-explanatory. The characters are as follows: Toko Fukami( main protagonist, leader of her group,*insert” typical” here*), Yanagi Takayama(*insert ” screw me, onii-chan” stereotype here*), Yukinari Imi(Yanagi’s stepbrother and *insert”), Sachi Nagamiya(*insert “Yuki Nagato Clone” here*), and Hiro Shirosaki(*insert ” cheerful dope” here*). I left out an important character and that’s Kakeru Okikura. He’ s a stereotypical aloof guy, but he plays a key part in the plot( future plot, that is). He’s a transfer student that claims that a voice from the future speaks him, and that it has brought him to Toko( Stalk much?). Overall, its safe to say there’s nothing interesting about the characters, which presents one potential issue for the show. However, the show can remedy this through a little technique called “CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT,” and it seems like it’ll happen since this show has romances that need to be addressed before the show ends.


Another problem for the show is that it has basically been teasing its audience. Three episodes in and the whole “glass clairvoyance” thing still hasn’t been properly explained or explored yet. Odd, since i thought that would be used by Toko to help solve any potential problems that come up(Ex. There’s like 2 potential romances within her group). Instead, nothing really notable has happened.

Episode 1 was basically a” let’s show off all our characters” kind of episode, which ends in the rest of Toko’s group meeting Okikura. Episode 2 begins right when Episode 1 leaves off and Okikura invites Toko to talk to her about the whole clairvoyance thing. That talk basically ends with Toko learning that the whole clairvoyance thing has something to do with glass blowing or something glass-related. What comes along after is Yanagi’s arc, which leads us to the one of the fastest anime confessions I’ve seen yet….


That was quick!

So after Toko got confessed to by Yukinari( Yana’s love interest), she leaves and asks Okikura for more information regarding the clairvoyance. Unfortunately, we learn nothing once more since Toko would rather eat than try to figure out her “apparent” clairvoyance power. Scene shifts to hiking trip which then shifts to Toko and Yanagi going to a river to fetch some water. Yanagi confesses that she overheard Yukinari’s confession. Toko tells her she’s not going to date Yukinari since she’s already decided to support her. Yanagi’s previous jealousy towards Toko fades. Toko turns Yukinari down, and he doesn’t take it too hard surprisingly. Hiro and Sachi have a moment and then the trip ends. Before the episode ends, Toko gets a vision of Sachi in a bad condition.

And for all you “curious” people out there: here’s a nice little pic from episode 3:


Fapping material, anyone?

In Conclusion:

Glasslip has amazing visuals with appropriate sound to go along with it. While i don’t mind Toko using realistic means to solve her friend’s problems, for the “glass clairvoyance” not to play a role in the story when it was introduced would be disappointing. Overall, I like this show and it has potential to be great like other romances such as Toradora, and its success truly lies within  whether or not the writers truly show the role that the “glass clairvoyance” thing will play in the story.


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