Akame Ga Kill Episode 1-3 impressions

Akame ga Kill - 01 - Large 41

Introducing the Night Raid

YES YES YES YES!!!! NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! YES NO YES NO YES NO AUGH!!!!!  Alright so we have Akame Ga Kill animated.  Bittersweet man.  Must I go through pain and suffering of this piece all over again? I have read the manga and is caught up to the latest chapter (in this case chapter 51).  Alright so here we go.

Akame ga Kill - 02 - Large 02


Yes I can see that they are following the manga very well, which scares me despite the fact I screamed out a big “YES” when the first episode aired.  The story starts with our main character, Tatsumi, someone who seems to be very talented with the swordsmanship.  It is then explained after a generic fight that he is on a quest to help his village and to do so he plans to work as an Imperial soldier to earn money.  But apparently he was cursed by the Imagine Breaker(something that brings forth misfortunes from the Toaru series) as he is mercilessly swindled and is left out in the Capitol with no place to stay.  And then a girl approaches him and helps.  I won’t say too much but after a series of unfortunate events he encounters the group Night Raid, a resistance group to the totalitarian government and with another unfortunate event occurs where Tatsumi joins the Night Raid.

Akame ga Kill - 03 - Large 28

Well that must have su…..

Akame ga Kill - 03 - Large 29


Awesome. Just awesome.  First things first,  this show does the mix of  comedy and tragedy which I think mixes well.  I believe that a bit of comedy being mixed into the story it will elevate the wounds that we as watchers may have to go through and I might go coo-coo for Cocoa Puff if it was continuous darkness and despair every second of this show.  For example, the backstory of Mein was a pretty good taste of the discrimination of the Capitol and the darkness of living in these time but the comedic interruption stops the flow of the gloomy feeling and replaces it with confusion and hilarity.  This could just be as well be my mental state after reading the manga.  Going away from that, the fighting scene after the first one. Oh thank you.  Thank you for the bloodfest.  Now please amp it up, would you kindly? Please?

Akame ga Kill - 03 - Large 23

Evilllllll- Mermaidman

However the one thing that does bother me still is the metaphor being shoved down our throats. Yes. I know that they are bloodthirsty douchebags with powers going over their heads and yes they can be classified as cold blooded monsters but really making the tyrannical dictators look um silly.  The silly parts go towards the comedy parts if you haven’t guessed so we don’t need this “They are monsters” metaphor appearing.

Still, judging from the first 3 episodes, I can tell it is going to be one hell of a ride and hope that White Fox continue their magic trick.

Akame ga Kill - 03 - Large 34Akame ga Kill - 02 - Large 04

P.S. Every female in Night Raid is pretty adorable and cute.  Also Bulat is one fabulous man.  I love everyone in Night Raid.  Don’t care that they are killers.

P.S.S. I might even do this episode by episode even if it is 24 episodes if I can get my lazy bum up.


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