Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 1-3 Impressions

Sailor Moon Crystal - 01 - Large 34

Welcome Back Sailor Moon

I will first open with this statement.  I am not a big fan of this reboot. Maybe its just my nostalgic urges that doesn’t want change that rising before me but hey what can I do about that. I’m a human being.  For those that may know Sailor Moon it was a very straight forward magical girls without this deconstruction craze of the 21st century with Madoka Magica (still love you) and Princess Tutu (still love you) that dealt with stuff like defeating evil to do cutesy stuff and in the end save the day and stuff along with the classic close to a minute long transformation sequence.  Bonus if the episode contains more than 1 transformation.  Alright let’s get back to the point here.  Sailor Moon.  Since this is a reboot, the series will suffer a massive comparison with the original anime.


HA you wish…. wait..?

When I saw the first episode, the obvious and the immediate thing to notice is the art style. The trailers were also everywhere too anyways.  Well.  To compare with the old Sailor Moon, which had more bubbly feel to their designs, this one is definitely more like a shoujo styled designs.  Everyone feels like they are from like Ouran or something like that.  And, yea, I can’t say that I particularly like this kind of change but that’s again being really nit picky.  It’s a good styled design that clean up much of the animation.  But seriously, I can’t get that nostalgic feeling of the Sailor Moon from the 1990’s out of my head and it just keeps bothering me!.


Thank you for making me sit through this again after watching 200 episodes of it.

As this is the reboot, of course it would retread on to the good old days of Usagi or Serena introduction and her first transformation. Ah yes the infamous transformation sequence.  The thing that took a minute of every. single. episode. I can finally talk about that in detail.  Yes, good ol’ CG.  At first glance I was thinking, god this feels more awkward. But after watching the entire thing I just thought, that was much more grander looking than the original.  You know what? Yea. I slightly prefer the new transformation scene then the old one which is a weird feeling for me here.

Sailor Moon Crystal - OP - Large 04

Nyoah Kiiiisssszzzz

The opening, no question about it, the old one i think is definitely better.  It’s catchiness just leaves a more impression on me then the song that just feels mediocre.  That is all I have to say about the opening… The voices are different.  They do their job well…. yea… not much thought on that.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 02 - Large 28

Yay! favorite element but not my favorite character :9

Sailor Moon Crystal - 03 - Large 28


So, currently, the story is pretty much the same, except for few differences. I am not big enough of a fan of this series to go retread to the manga so maybe that’s prevalent but right now its really minor changes that doesn’t interfere with the story.  So I can let that pass in my eyes.  Right now Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Mars has been introduced and really as long as they don’t screw up the introduction, I think we will still be fine.  Usagi is still the incompetent little girl that she is while the other sailor scouts and Tuxedo Mask cleaning her mess up. Good. Good.

Overall, I’m still willy nilly about this show but I know its basically going to be the same thing as the original with a fresh image.  I hope for the best.  Even the bi weekly thing doesn’t bother me at all because of my willy nilly feeling.

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