My impressions on Glasslip Ep. 4-7


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Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Read this before u start reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* The following is a review made out of pure opinion. Glasslip is owned by something, something… *anime company*. Exposure to this post may cause the following side effects: Laughter, Intelligence and possibly some fucks to give about new anime(only applies to anime hippies). Please support the official release.*

Well, now that my precautionary crap is outta the way, let’s get started! I’m lightswo2 back with another impressions post. But before i get to that, let’s talk about pacing( God damn it)! Outside of avoiding muscle cramps, pacing is relevant and is often described as one of the “jings” that make or break an anime. I’ve watched several anime(in the hundred range) in the past two years, and whenever i finish watching good anime, I feel sad since i have to dock of points since the anime had pacing problems. One example would be Steins;Gate, an anime about time travel, which was very capable of being a masterpiece if it hadn’t had a slow start. Another would be an anime I’m currently watching called Shakugan no Shana. It has pacing issues up the ass(an arc was rushed and only lasted two episodes). Now, you may be thinking why the hell i’m talking about pacing now. Well, it has a lot to do with Glasslip. After watching these 4 episodes, I will say that my opinion has improved somewhat but pacing holds it back from being better. But that’s just only the beginning. Onto the episode summaries and character analysis.

I wont talk about episode 4 that much since it was as eventful as watching paint dry. The only thing that came out of the episode was that we confirmed that Toko likes Kakeru. But seriously, i knew that by episode 1 and i’d probably get a quadruple f minus in any class that involved romance/relationships.

Episodes 5 and 6 build on each other and are quite possibly my favorite episodes in Glasslip thus far. Why, you might ask? Well, that’s because we get to FINALLY see a confession from Yanagi to Yukinari and because we see a lot more “development” between Toko and Kakeru( Which I and the nonretarded anime fans called from the beginning!). And as much as Kakeru is my favorite character in this show, he got punched and BITCH-SLAPPED in just episode 6 alone. Oh, and Hiro and Sachi keep developing their romance( forgot to mention that above).

But if there’s one thing that’s blowing my dirty mind is episode 7. If i can describe it in mere words, it’s BADSHIT CRAZY GUACAMOLE NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( to those of u that get this reference, you should give yourselves a medal of awesome). Everyone starts to show the real sides of their personality( Yuki showed it in episode 6, but still you get my point). I’ll get to that right now.

I understand that my episode summaries were absolutely lazy but what i wanted to do was show my impressions through the character analysis and my own personal conclusion.

Toko can be described in one simple word: bland. I haven’t watched some of P.A works’ other animes but the ones that i did watch( Angel Beats and Another) had the same main character problem of blandliness. She doesn’t really do anything that advances the story along. All she really does is follow the footsteps of Koichi Sakakibara( the M.C of Another) and be like a spectator. She hasn’t done anything to stop the apparent seperation of her and her group of friends. In fact, by episode 7, she begins to be haunted by her future visions and slowly starts to panic.

Kakeru got more screen time in these 4 episodes than the previous 3. In the following screen time we learn that:

a. He wants Toko’s pussy

b. He was apparently sent to stir trouble. He doesn’t want to but apparently has no choice.

c. He has 2 other versions of himself that he talks to when he’s alone. I have no idea whether their his past selves or imaginary friends(of himself), I kinda think he might be nuts.

Yanagi has confessed to Yukinari but has yet to receive any answer from him. And as the episodes go on, we learn that Yanagi does not feel that Yuki “is attractive anymore.” She credits this to Kakeru, which makes me think that she wants Kakeru now or that his actions have ultimately unlocked Yuki’s true personality and now that she’s seen it she doesn’t like it.

Ever since his confession to Toko near the end of episode 2, Yuki has been, in my opinion, spiraling down the path of true deuschbagery( if that’s even a word). We see him for what he really is in the middle of episode 6 when he interacts with Kakeru by punching him. Ever since then, I really have been disliking him. And so has Yanagi, apparently. I mean, Toko’s sister went to him riding her bicycle, while in her swimsuit, telling him “to stay attractive”(It was one of those WTF moments). If that ever happens to you, you gotta look at yourself in the mirror, bitchslap yourself three times, and WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!!

Sachi and Hiro have been growing closer with each and every episode. But remember that brief mention of episode 7. Well, that applies to them as well sadly. Unfortunately for Hiro( and you small chest fans), he finds out that Sachi is not the sweet girl of his dreams but rather a girl who manipulates her friends in order to ruin Toko and Kakeru’s date just because she doesn’t like Kakeru.

Overall, we see a massive amount of drama/dilemma/development. And while Kakeru may be the reason why the group has fallen apart, that just means maybe Toko’s group weren’t real friends to begin with. One person can tear an entire group apart.

And here’s where I’ll compare Glasslip to a romance drama that cost me some sleep and AP test study time: Kokoro Connect. It’s funny how I bring this anime up but Kokoro Connect and Glasslip are almost the same story(in a way). There are key differences though. For starters, Kokoro Connect had several arcs that put the group through drama and, at times, nearly cost them their friendship. Glasslip just has one overarching story that expands one of Kokoro Connect’s arc and makes it like the main characters will completely fall out( From the episodes so far). Another thing that Kokoro Connect was able to do better than Glasslip was that it was able to present us with interesting characters off the bat, develop them over several arcs, and churn out memories to those that watched it. So far, Glasslip is just starting to show us the real side of each character. Hate to be comparing two animes in an impressions post but that’s just the way it has to be sometimes.

In conclusion, Glasslip has gotten better with each episode, and I personally cannot wait to see what happens next. I know I may have bashed Glasslip a bit, but I do want to present you guys with thoughts about this certain anime from an average reviewer like me. That’s why I decided not to upload any pics this time( although the fact that I’m wrapping this up at 3:00 in the morning(eastern standard time) is also part of the reason). Seeing for yourself is better than me leaking pics to you. And with that, I bid you adieu. Expect a post by the end of the season!

P.S For you “special people” out there, I’d go with Yanagi as your girl to drool over. Toko’s as interesting as dried paint and Sachi’s a personality trap(SHE’s still a girl)!




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