Black Butler Book of Circus Episode 6 Impressions

Hey guys it’s Chuckster! Get ready because boy have I got a lot to say about episode six alone. The tension is growing drastically as everything is coming into light.

First of all, I have a very bad feeling about what’s going to happen to Freckles as already she’s heading into trouble. Yes, I have a vague idea of what’s supposed to happen and I ain’t looking forward to it. I find her to be a very sympathetic character, along with Beast who both want to put an end to all this madness. Though, I probably would have preferred a different approach to the situation…

Screenshot (33)Hey, but that’s just me right?

The pace was great, went well with the action, drama, and massive amount of plot points being touched upon in the episode as a whole. Heck, It’s almost obvious for anyone who has not read this part of Black butler to figure out just what is going on. Some points are still left to be explained, but the puzzle pieces are quickly coming together and they’re going to come in with a bang.

This episode just killed Joker’s character for me though. He always had this aura around him that made him seem larger than life, but with this episode it really brought him down to earth.  Now he seems like more of a soured boss-type than the ringmaster of the circus.

Screenshot (58)

Back when I said  we were going to find out more about how Ciel and Sebastian met, I should have made a bet because sure enough we’ve got a lot on that this episode. What is it with Black Butler and human trafficking?  In all three seasons there is some part of the plot involving human trafficking in some way, shape, or form.

With that, i guess I’ve spoken my mind on episode six more or less. As always, there is definitely more to the episode than ehem, indulgence of libido, but to find out you’re gonna have to watch the show. Get ready because next time, it’ll be episodes 7 and 8.  Keep it geeky and remember, content is everything.




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