Akame ga Kill episode 4-6 impressions


Well. That’s a Cool Power.

Ah yes.  Nothing makes me enjoy this more by giving the beginning of the traumatic experience for the weak hearted ones and maybe a bit above that.  And yet it can make it so much fun.


Ice Woman Cometh

So yea. After episode 6, a question that should have struck me finally struck me.  Why the hell am I doing watching this? Am I an emotional masochist? Do I like watching shows about a manga that brought me to stand before the door of despair and depression? Well this is just standing in front of it rather than entering it but it sure does hurt a lot.


Well, this put the Icing on his craziness.


This is some Icebreaker.

We continue with our adventure with Tatsumi and the Night Raid the “terrorist group” doing their everyday thing by killing people that are really corrupt. Or are they? Well let’s start from the beginning.  There seems to be a insane former executioner on the loose in the Capitol who kills innocent peopl for fun in the middle of the night by chopping their heads off.  He is literally coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs (hearing voices and such).  And he can read minds and create illusions that shows them the people the person targeted holds dear and loves.  Now that’s useful and convenient.  However, thats nothing apparently compared to our lovely Akame.  Sudden death between Imperial Arms.  Tis a very cool battle to be seen.


That’s a very cold welcome.

 Episode 5 is a bit weird as it delves into one of the member’s history, Sheele, before she became part of the Night Raid.  I mean I’m okay with it but its odd that they are just throw it our there for our viewers.  She’s a klutz but has a talent for killing.  Pretty obvious I guess but her way of finding these things out can be painful.  It’s like building sympathy towards her. This is also the episode when Esdeath fully enters the picture and I can’t wait to see her in action.  Oh yea another new character is introduced.  Seryu… We will get back to her later.


Chill out bro. By the way, please die. From Everyone.

 Everything comes full circle after the events of episode 6.  The majority of the people who watched this let their jaws drop to the floor and let it hang while eyes watered in few.  Yes this is the place where something dramatic happens and yes I was crushed by this event as well.  This cemented the idea that it’s every man for them selves and there will be tragedy to every cast of this show.  Now let’s go back to this Seryu person.  She is god awful.  Not just because of the fact she has caused this event, not only because she has a freak dog like thing as an imperial arm, no the thing that causes me hatred is the fact that her sense of justice just makes me cringe.  I hate that about her.  I also believe she was one of the most hated characters in the manga as I saw many comment about wanting her dead.


What a frosty appearance.

So yes this is it.  The downward spiral which will lead some to become depressed as all hell. I hope for the best and may this anime have mercy upon you.  Peace.


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