Glasslip episodes 8-13 impressions + MY FINAL ANSWER


* warning, damn it*



Ignoring my random warnings, hello all! I’m back from the horizon to bring you all my review of Glasslip episodes 8-13 as well as give my final review on the show. I will save how I felt about everything for the final review section. But don’t fret, kids, this time there will be pictures! Oh, and whether or not you all care, I plan to be returning to help blog for the fall season. I will blog Log Horizon S2( sequel to the best MMO anime) and Amagi Brilliant Park( the director is the same guy who did Hyouka, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Full Metal Panic’s Fumoffu and the Second Raid). Onto the episode reviews!

Episodes 8-9: There is not much to be said here. After the beach incident in episode 7, Toko begins to feel haunted by her powers so much that she grows a little distant from her love Kakeru. She also spends time with Sachi and Hiro by the end of episode 9.

Episode 10: Sachi manages to make up with Hiro after the events from episode 7 and Kakeru kisses Toko. That’s the only thing that happened.

Episode 11: Kakeru confides in Toko that he’s not able to hear the voices from the future anymore. Later, Toko decides to hear Kakeru’s mom play the piano as she thinks it, and glass are part of the triggers to their clairvoyance. Oh, and Kakeru thinks about leaving town and going with his mom on her piano tour.


Episode 12: This is possibly the biggest mindfuck I’ve gotten in an anime and quite possibly my favorite episode of Glasslip. In this episode, Toko gets transported into an alternate world that takes place in the winter hours before a fireworks festival. What I forgot to mention in the analysis of episode 8-9 was that Toko began to see visions of snow along with her future visions. While I glanced over it as an unnecessary plot element, it finally made sense. In this world, she and her family had just moved into her hometown( she’s still the same age as the start of the show). She meets Kakeru and her friends( They don’t know who Toko is). When Toko goes to the fireworks festival, she reencounters her friends but they cannot see or hear her. She watches her friends watch the fireworks in sadness. Kakeru then tells Toko that she fears the day that she will depart from her friends( which is weird because she hasn’t really spent much time with her friends since episode 3. The fadeout begins at episodes 5-6.). The episode then switches back to reality and we are returned to Kakeru’s mom’s piano recital.

Episode 13: Toko faints after seeing her vision from the alternate reality. Toko’s mom  hypothetically asks her if she has ever had visions from the future. We learn that she had the same thing happen to her but it didn’t mean anything and that it was just a part of her maturing( WTF!!!!!!!!!!). Events that spiral after includes: The main cast of Glasslip, separated by couples, watch the meteor shower caused by Toko and Kakeru throwing glass beads that Toko made, as well as an ambiguity that cause an ambiguous ending. In this ambiguity, it is implied that Kakeru left Toko’s town to travel with his mom yet Toko hears his voice at the end of the episode. It’s weird. Almost like the producers were high when they made this show.


Final Review:

Personally, I was disappointed in this anime overall. Its probably been the first anime I’ve been disappointed in for a while. I will give my personal thoughts based on the 5 basic areas of judging an anime: Story, Characters, Animation, Music, and my own personal enjoyment, which I will then translate these impressions into numbers by some newfound Einstein theory that no gives two shits about and give it one of the three recommendations: Watch it( or die!), Maybe Fuck it( Watch at your own risk), or Piss on it( This anime is not worth the brain cells needed to pay the annual sacrifice everytime I watch something online).

Story- You can look back at my previous posts to get the full story but I will recap it for the sake of review. Toko Fukami, Yanagi Takayama, Yukinari Imi, Sachi Nagamiya, and Hiro Shirosaki are five friends in their last year of high school. Toko shudders at the thought of losing her best friends. One day, however, she meets a boy named Kakeru Okikura who claims to hear voices from the future and that it’s led him to Toko. After that, the anime starts to get under way. Or so we think. Glasslip’s main problem is that for a person without much patience, it can be pretty SLOW( even dull depending on your taste) and misleading. Now, I thought at first the anime would be a Slice-of-Life/romance with a slice of mystery due to the existence of Toko and Kakeru’s clairvoyance powers. I couldn’t have slapped myself harder for being wrong. Ultimately, this is an anime about  five friends slowly growing apart to follow their own paths in life. The clairvoyance never truly gets a full explanation. All we get to know is that Toko’s clairvoyance happens whenever she stares at glass. Through the last episode, we even learn that Toko’s clairvoyance is just some part of puberty, as we learn from Toko’s mother( Spoiler: she had it too!). Ultimately, the pros of the story lie in a heartfelt story of friends moving apart to follow their own paths, while the cons include: slowness, plot elements that the story introduced only to be glossed over as nothing( One does not get clairvoyance due to puberty), and a bad ending( It was ambiguous).


Characters- I’ve already talked about the characters and their *cough* typicalness *cough* as well as their dark side( See my post on Glasslip Ep. 5-8). This time, I will talk about the change that they’ve gone under by the time of the final episode( well, most of them, anyway). Hiro and Sachi don’t evolve much throughout Glasslip, their relationship does. That’s about it. Toko goes from being clueless and bland, to being more forward. For example, she keeps trying experiments to learn more about the fragments of the future despite knowing that she might collapse or see things that she doesn’t want to see. Yukinari stops being a jealous douche and becomes a little more mindful of Yanagi. Yanagi learns to be more of herself. Kakeru, while still unsocialable, at least gets Toko( Fuck all the Yukinari/Toko ships, they got sunk harder than the Titanic).


Sound-Music felt very lively, almost as I was in the atmosphere of daily life. Both opening and endings are meh

Animation- While there were more still shots than necessary, the animation was astoundingly beautiful.


Enjoyment- While this anime isn’t bad, like School Days, its nowhere near my level of expectations that I wanted from my first blog post. That being said, while the journey was frustrating, it at least entertained me with suspense at times.


Final Verdict: Now with all this in mind, I elaborately converted these thoughts into numbers, punched them all into a calculator, and will proudly award P.A Work’s Glasslip with a score of 5.5/10 and a recommendation of ” Maybe Fuck It.” I loved the anime for its atmosphere, the character development and the fact that it stayed with real-life situations( for the most part). It also tries to teach the lesson of ” You may not have the same friends you went to high school with on the road ahead.” However, that lesson is butchered by poor execution and unnecessary plot elements that receive a lot of focus only to be thrown away like it wasn’t real( Clairvoyance is not a stage of puberty, if your health teacher says so, you have my permission to slap him/her)( I mean it!). You might say I’m being harsh but when there’s an anime that can show a lesson similar to this in a well-executed manner( Kokoro Connect) or anime where the lesson isn’t even the main point of the anime( But can teach it just fine, See: Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and in some cases, Gintama), then I think I’m completely justifiable.

And with that, I bid adieu to Glasslip and welcome the fall season!




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