Akame Ga Kill 7-12 Reactions

Akame ga Kill - 09 - Large 31

The face that made the ship engines go overdrive.

To be or not to be. That is the question.  Or to live or not to live.  Death is something people usually grieve at and questions why it even exists in our world.  If someone close to you died then of course you will grieve over the loss of a loved one.  And here that’s what the main character has to go through.  If I were in that my mental capabilities would cease immediately.  However, some hilarity does come to I guess forget that ever happened.

Akame ga Kill - 08 - Large 34

Moment of silence for a true bro.

So yes these episodes have been quite a blast with all dem death counts. Absolutely delicious.  Kill the Three arc brought Bulat and Tatsumi to a grand showdown with the 3 generals under the great and all powerful general Esdeath; because, hey, why not join a general when written in English has the world “death” in her name.  And then, the grand showdown between Bulat, our fabulous man bro, and Liver, Bulat’s former superior.  Two ideas that clash between loyalty and freedom.  And how was the actual battle?  AWESOME! SATISFACTION. Push me and just touch me.  Anyways,  my heart was crushed my Bulat’s death even though I knew it would happen.  You just can’t brush off a bro’s death.  How the 3 generals died was a refreshing feeling like mint water being poured down my throat.

Akame ga Kill - 10 - Large 11

Yay or Nay. A question of importance equivalent to world hunger.

Episode 9 and 10, the area of the manga where I remember got a lot of fans just splitting off.  Oh man, oh man.  Esdeath, the 1 icy general who seems to be a cold power-hungry douchebag looking for love.  Wow.  That’s like putting a little cute dog tag with hearts and rainbows to Cerberus.  The situation even gets much more amusing as Esdeath falls in love with Tatsumi whom has a grudge against her for leading the Imperial Army.  Now my stance in this matter is…. neutral.  I’m goddamn Switzerland here, an impenetrable fortress of keeping the ships in this series out of my head.  I mean look, this series has shown that really many people are marked for death, it’s like the Walking Dead or the Game of Thrones except animated, its Japanese, and a hell of a lot less gory then examples I mentioned.  I just enjoyed the community go into the Great Awakening of shipping wars, rejuvenated and fighting their good fight.  But the whole situation, with Tatsumi and Esdeath, is absolutely hilarious as the two juxtapose.  One of the simplest method of humor and it still works in modern day.

Akame ga Kill - 11 - Large 28

It’s so Kewl!

“Kill the mad scientist, it’s so coooool sonofabitch”  That was a line from Crunchyroll that was absolutely hilarious so i decided to mention it here and Kill the Mad Scientist is the title of the episode 11 and with its continuation Kill the Newcomers on episode 12 as one of the Jaeger members decide to attack… What? I didn’t mention the Jaegers? Ok.  So quick summary,  Jaegers is a new government organization created by Esdeath after the death of the 3 generals to fill in the gap.  The members consist of a country bumpkin, an angelic scholar, Akame’s sister, Pyro from TF2, and a gay scientist.  I am using negative connotation here but they are not bad characters so far.  But I think its better to keep them for another time.  So the scientist locates the hideout of the Night Raid. He launches a surprise attack on the using I guess genetically enhanced super soldiers.  Not how I would want my super soldiers to look like but OK.  And would you look at that a 24 episode anime so of course they win.  The fight it self was just ok.  But the way the new characters fly in with a flying manta and destroy the scientist was a grand introduction.  Now we have Chelsea and Susanoo in the Night Raid.  And I can’t wait for them to be in the good fight and follow exactly what the manga showed me….

Akame ga Kill - 12 - Large 21 Akame ga Kill - 12 - Large 07

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