Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 1 impressions


* Warning: The following post is a reflection/impression post from a Haruhi Suzumiya fanboy. He also tends to like several of Kyoto Animation’s work. Keep his words in mind. But if he’s overly fangasming, don’t mind it too much*

* And there may be spoilers within this post, and if you don’t like spoilers( Who does?) then leave this post now. This is my final WARNING!!!!!!!


Hello everybody and welcome to BraveNewMoe! I’m Lightswo2 (duh!) returning from the disappointing summer 2014 season to bring you more anime reviews. And some jokes. Today, I’m going to bring to you the first episode of Amagi Brilliant Park and what I thought about it. Before I knew about this anime’s existence, I was initially skeptical on watching it. For those that have read my previous posts, I was disappointed by P.A Work’s Glasslip and did not want to involve myself in another romance-like story. But when I heard that this anime was going to be made by Kyoto Animation( the same company responsible for Haruhi Suzumiya, Clannad, Kanon 2006, and Full Metal Panic Seasons 2-3.), I put that anime on my to-watch list faster than you can say Chuck Norris. Onto the review!


You dun goofed, bra!

So… By the first 3 seconds of the episode, we see our main protagonist Seiya Kanie at the mercy of a gun held by transfer student Isuzu Sento. He is then forced to go on a date with her to Amagi Brilliant Park lest he be shot. Before they get to the park, we do get to see into Kanie’s personality which is basically if you fuse Tamaki from Ouran HSHC and Kyon from Haruhi Suzumiya. That’s right folks, we have ourselves a Grade-A narcissist with snark to boot! Sento, on the other hand, is, for lack of a better example, Akame from Akame ga Kill minus the obsession over food.


And you thought your local amusement park sucked!

We then see Seiya and Isuzu arrive at Amagi Brilliant Park. To Seiya’s dismay, it’s virtually if Disneyland was shaped to become the saddest place on Earth.  From then, we basically learn how crappy Amagi is on the inside as well when Isuzu takes Seiya to each of the attractions, and we discover how run-down the place is. From non-thrilling rollercoasters to disfigured rail tracks to shooting games set on EXTREMELY HARD MODE, Amagi Brilliant Park has it all!

amagi6                                              amagi7





Seiya then meets Moffle, Amagi’s main mascot. Now for those of you that have watched Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu, you’d notice that this is the Fumoffu Bear costume that Sousuke often used during Fumoffu. This was the most entertaining part of the show, as who doesn’t like a teddy bear mascot with a shotgun! However, the costume has a name and its Moffle. Not only is his voice mannerisms extremely different from Fumoffu, but he is a magical being( as stated by Isuzu) and he’s a complete douche! Minutes after his introduction, he beats the crap out of Seiya as if he were a terrorist!

By the end of the day, Seiya is sickened by what he saw and goes into a rant about how the place sucked. This is then followed by Isuzu virtually informing the audience about Seiya( like we didn’t already know) and informs us that he used to be some child star( so that’s where the narcissism comes from).


Before leaving, Isuzu manages to get Seiya to meet the amusement’s park manager. We are then introduced to Princess Latifah( This is her name, I swear!), our blond bishouju character of the show. She tells Seiya that every person in the park( including herself and Seiyu) is from a magical land called Maple Land (Maple Story anyone?) and that Amagi is their home. She asks Seiya to become the new manager and save Amagi, because if they cannot get more visitors to the park, they will have to shut down and close their home. To further convince Seiya, she kisses him and he gets knocked out. Seiya soon wakes up to find two things: he now has the power to read another person’s heart and………………….


DAT ASS!!!!!

FANSERVICE DONE BY KYOTO ANIMATION!!!!!!!!!!( *simultaneous fangasm and orgasm)!!!!!!!!


What an episode! While there are characters that are to be introduced later on( see above), I’d say that this anime has good potential. Plus, the theme song is AMAZING BALLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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