Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei ep 19-26 final impressions


So Shiba Christ is here to eliminate snakes and heal the sick. And with that, he brings an end to this frustrating piece of CRAP! WARNING! RANT COMING!

04 08

I don’t have much to say about this final arc because, in many ways, it’s a retread of the very first arc. Once again a terrorist group has manipulated desperate students to infiltrate an important student event, resulting in a public attack that only our named characters can stop. The only window dressing is that the terrorist group is an actual military regiment in the Great Asian Alliance, the event takes place in a convention character discussing experimental magic theories, and the students being manipulated have motives so stupid it could be nothing short of mind control. And of course we can’t have a Mahouka arc without every conflict practically solving themselves. Even with notorious assassins and mech suits on their side, the GAA get their asses kicked whenever Tatsuya’s buddies come to play, and super weapons or powerful allies seem to rain like candy whenever they can’t solve it on their own.

19 20

Something that I’ve failed to elaborate on this show is the offensive amount of Xenophobia present in this show. Aside from the fact that every villainous organization consists of foreigners, they’re all portrayed as greedy, manipulative, and reckless attackers who also seem to turn on those who fail in their eyes. Despite all their attempts at being covert, their spying methods and strategies are so incompetent that they all end up throwing killer weapons in public. Not to mention that all of them seem to have variable toughness, managing to put military forces at bay, yet immediately getting smacked into orbit by our named characters. One can argue that they’re meant to be nothing but cannon fodder, but I don’t see the point of using cannon fodder if there’s NO REAL THREAT FOR OUR LEADS TO BEGIN WITH!

21 11

The only reason I think these “foreigners” are written this way is because a specific Japanese audience wants to see foreign nations powerless under strong Japanese, because in reality (and in several anime; Zankyou no Terror), Japan has been defeated by foreign nations more times than they’ve succeeded in fending off. And honestly, I relate well to that sentiment. Korea has gone through the exact same thing many times throughout history, and almost every nation is guilty of using this method in entertainment before. But it’s a morbid desire that should not be encouraged, especially when it’s aimed toward the youth. At the very least, follow the example of Code Geass by making the foreign power somewhat of a threat and resemble people for once.

17 22

And as for the one aspect I was holding onto, Tatsuya’s power level goes way too far for the show’s own good. I can deal with the fact he has military experience, can invent flight magic, disintegrate anything he shoots, blocks bullets, slices limbs with his bare hands, and even regenerate fatal wounds. But even I have my limits when it comes to tolerating power levels, and they crossed that line when Tatsuya LITERALLY HAS THE POWER OF JESUS CHRIST AND SHIVA THE DESTROYER! Not only does he invent a gravity weapon that wipes out an entire naval fleet from any direction, but uses his regenerative power to bring back the fucking dead. Certainly this isn’t all bad considering it alienates Tatsuya from the rest of the characters and brings to question whether an individual like him should even exist. Yet the ending completely ditches those questions by simply ending after the super weapon is unleashed and Tatsuya is reunited with Miyuki. And since Tatsuya lacks a personality and doesn’t have his backstory fully explored, all we have is a boring lead we don’t need to fear for now that he’s fucking invincible.


…I’ve got nothing. I am at a loss for words. This show has drained me for over half a year, and i’m sick of seeing it’s pretentious, boring, shamelessly pandering ass. I tried to like this show, but I have not been so frustrated while watching a wish-fulfillment fantasy in a long time. It’s probably not all the source material’s fault considering how it feels more like a highlight reel than an adaptation, but I wish they didn’t waste my time with pointless explanations if they didn’t actually explain anything! Don’t waste your time with this crap. It may be better than Mahou Sensou, but even the 2nd half of SAO offers more entertainment than this.


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