Gundam G no Reconguista ep 1-3 first (and last) impressions

Gundam Reconguista in G - OP - Large 01


Gundam Reconguista in G - 01 - Large 13 Gundam Reconguista in G - 02 - Large 02

I want to make things very clear; I don’t hate this show. I find the old school approach this show is taking to be quite charming. Practically everything about this show is void of the pandering tropes or production qualities of modern anime, opting for a traditional animation style and embracing the inherent goofiness of cartoons. It takes me back to the time when anime wasn’t seen as a money-making production, but a growing medium fueled by earnest creators willing to put on paper whatever they could think about. If anything, the enthusiasm and honesty behind this show is easy to latch onto.

05 08

However, old school charm can only go so far before revealing the aspects that haven’t aged well. For every bit of enthusiasm and creativity present in an 80’s anime, there was also an inherent cartoonishness that was hard to take seriously, and this show is no exception. Childish comedy constantly spoils whatever sense of tension the show tries to muster, and no character is elaborated on beside a goofy/annoying quirk. Terrorism and supposed political corruption can’t grip me after showing me mobile suits have a built in toilet under the seat.

Gundam Reconguista in G - 02 - Large 04 02

The biggest problems though is the show’s poor use of pacing and exposition. Rarely does the show ever get into world building or character motivations, and relies on blatant exposition dumps whenever it wants to. I still don’t know why these motivations are important, which groups are fighting who, or what the heck this world is like. And you know what? The show doesn’t care if you don’t. The show just rushes through new plot lines and past jargon regardless of whether they get it or not. I thought we already went through this problem with Tokyo Ghoul and Mahouka last season! A good story is supposed to grab the audience’s attention and elaborate on details; not just let shit happen and go on its merry way.


Before I make this the only post involving this show, I want to make it very clear that I do still plan to watch it. Even with poor explanations and an outdated presentation style, it has a certain old school charm to it that’s endearing to me. But considering I haven’t even seen the classic Universal Century gundam series, I think my priority for watching old school mech shows should be set on actual old school mech shows.

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