Black Butler Book of Circus- Ep. 7-10 impressions

Hey guys, Chuckster here! Yeah I know, it’s very very very late. Well it’s here now so let’s get this show on the road.

Over the last four episodes of this highly anticipated arc of the Black Butler series, the build up was promising a well-deserved closure, letting out some of the most pending questions over the whole arc. However, I ultimately felt cheated a second time as the ending seemed to have very little to offer in closure.

Starting with episode 7, mixed messages are sent. Okay, let’s talk about “father”. We finally get to meet him. I was expecting some heartless brute worthy of Sebastian’s twisted punishments and Ciel’s brain raping verbal abuse. It seems at first like we might actually get just that, with the bandaged man in the wheelchair having a very obsessive mindset bent on getting the young earl. Later though, things start to get weird. When Sebastian and Ciel finally meet with him though, he turns out to be some pedophilic Ciel fan boy

Screenshot (81)

That, and a man-child who is easily amused with anything whether or not it’s actually funny…

Screenshot (95)I don’t see how this lives up to any of the nasty, arrogant criminals we’ve seen before. At most I feel sorry for this guy for having such a mindset. Now, I know most of the criminals end up humiliated in the end, but this guy doesn’t even know he’s done anything wrong, let alone expect that Ciel is out to kill him.

All in all though there is still a lot to look for at the end of the episode so it wasn’t all that horrible.

Episode eight is when things started to really go downhill.

First of all, the complete back story of  “Father” is reduced to an over-obsessed  man who wants a cute little kid for… some odd reason I don’t fully comprehend. That’s it; he didn’t want to hurt him or abuse of him of in any way, he just wanted a kid. You’re telling me all this happened because this guy really wanted to hug a little boy? Where’s the bloodlust then? Why does he kill the children off? In the last episode he seemed to enjoy watching them devoured and now you’re telling me he has a soft heart? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Episode 9

Episode kind of made up for it though it wasn’t too great of an improvement. I did have a great time watching all the kiddies at the Phantomhive Mansion get their butts kicked, but at the same time I felt they didn’t deserve to be killed off. However the plot didn’t really leave any choice! At least Grell got a few laughs in, but being a huge Grell fan I was expecting a little more screen time for him. At least he’d make the show more interesting and enjoyable than this mummified pity case.

For a minute, I was glad to see Ciel being his overpowering self and showed his scared side which in my opinion is just as scary. Well, that’s if you’re not Sebastian; in his case I imagine it was very, should we say, enjoyable?

Screenshot (109)

=______= And finally, episode 10

At this point I was expecting anything to happen because the plot had thrown up so much potential into the trash because any comebacks were inevitable, great potential relationships now had big issues that ended any further development. I was hoping I would be surprised, but instead of a turnaround, it was like the whole plot was pooped on.

Buuuuut, why hear the ending from me? Go watch it yourself and decide for yourself how the ending was.

That’s a wrap on Book of Circus and as always, there’s more where that came from and don’t forget; it’s all about the content.



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