Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle Episode 1-2 Impressions (edit)



*Once upon a time, in a land far, far, away……… F*ck this! I’m not wasting space on this overabused intro. Oh wait…*

Ok, i’m not gonna do this intro thing anymore. You already know who I am. And if you watched Chaika S1, then you must know the plot of the show. For those that don’t know: Hitsugi no Chaika is about a former Saboteur( Chaika’s version of trained child soldier/assassin) named Toru, whose occupation is unnecessary in this post-war torn world. He meets the 14-year old daughter of the former emperor( Chaika) and travels around with her and his sister Akari in order to find the former emperor’s scattered remains and give the former emperor a proper funeral. Along the way, the duo encounters agents sent to capture Chaika, heroes who killed the former emperor( and have his remains), and girls that look like Chaika.















Now granted when I watched all of Chaika S1 3 weeks ago, I loved it. It has a awesome world, interesting characters, a mystery that intrigues me, and a quest that reminds me of when I was watching Dragon Ball Z ( Emperor’s remains= Dragon Balls, as regards to the goal that everyone wants to catch). Plus it has some of the best hand-to-hand combat i’ve seen in anime. And Chaika S2 takes place one month after the battle with the psycho rich boy and Blue Chaika, where the government has been shaken by the battle, Gillette’s group is shaken from the loss of their leader and sudden transformation of Vivi into a Chaika.







So our episode started off with a flashback moments before the 8 heroes confronted Emperor Gaz. Gaz sends one of his associates to an island to enact a plan involving Chaika. It later shifts to present day, where Toru, Akari, and Chaika in a battle with the hero Claudia(THE FIRST NORMAL ONE OF THE EIGHT HEROES), which they lose due to Toru and Akari battling Claudia’s minions and Claudia being able to cast her magic faster than Chaika. Claudia gives them another chance to defeat her the next day, which our heroes do and they are able to get Claudia’s remains of Gaz. That was kinda of a short summary of what happened during the first two episodes for our young heroes.  Oh, and Claudia tells Chaika a rumor that former emperor Gaz left his fortune on a deserted island, which makes Chaika want to go to the island. You know, since she’s still hung up on that fact that she might not be the real Chaika.







And not that I blame her. There’s a huge mystery after all. There’s MC Chaika, there’s Red Chaika, there was Blue Chaika, and hell there’s even half-Chaika! I wonder if the anime will make a parody of Slim Shady dubbing it ” Will the real Chaika please stand up?”  And yet its this mystery that keeps me ever so fascinated with the Chaika series in general. I like a good mystery, especially if conspiracy theories can be used.

Hitsugi no Chaika Avenging Battle - 02 - Large 19 Hitsugi no Chaika Avenging Battle - 02 - Large 32

Something that surprised me compared to the past heroes is that Claudia is actually a decent person. Not only has she made a successful business after the war, but she finds very little attachment to the emperor’s remains and is more than willing to hand it over to someone that impresses her. That’s saying alot when at the same time we see Red Chaika fight a pathetic archer with very little contact with anyone. On top of that, Claudia even serves as Chaika’s teacher mid-battle and gives them all a warm welcome and goodbye. It’s truly a big contrast compared to the psychos, introverts, and dead remains of heroes we’ve seen so far.







Honestly, the way the writers have built up the story of Chaika so far makes me wonder how they’re gonna end it. The second season only has 8 more episodes left, so there may not be enough plot to end the story of Chaika unless they make a S3. But what S2 is doing so far is keeping Chaika the way I like Chaika while leading up to the eventual end.


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