World Trigger – Ep 1-4 (First & Last) Impressions

my face every episode

World Trigger is bad. I mean just look at the title of this post and the screenshot above, and you’ll understand that World Trigger is a very bad show. Which is weird because from everything I had heard about this show up until it aired, it seemed like it was nothing but potential. Not only was it based off a pretty well received shonen manga, but it also had a unique art style and a fun, albeit generic premise. What could possibly go wrong?… Well I’ll tell you what went wrong: EVERYTHING!

mo still shots CGI! Runaway!!!

Firstly just look at the thing, look at the screenshots in this post, or better yet, just watch the first CM released for this show. World Trigger is poorly animated in all the worst ways possible. I feel like I should be less harsh on the show, I mean there are probably a few uglier anime out there, but it’s hard to be forgiving when the show’s producers just did not seem to care. Toei Animation isn’t necessarily known for their production values, but One Piece, Kyousougiga, and even Majin Bone looked good, so really I don’t understand why they just didn’t even try with this one! The characters here are constantly and consistently off model, and while the show is restricted to very limited motion due to its lack of budget, when it does actually show some movement it looks incredibly awkward. Which is weird because the manga’s art looks pretty good. I mean it’s not amazing, but it certainly looks better than this slop.

this dick after da battleu

Everything in this production seems like it was pushed out at minimal effort, and that can also be said for the soundtrack. Now I don’t know if you’ve heard of him before, but Kenji Kawai is not supposed to be a bad composer. He’s made some beautiful, often stunning soundtracks for the Ghost in the Shell movies, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, and Windy Tales, but he’s clearly taking a day off here. I find it so weird how the same man who composed the Making of Cyborg song from the Ghost in the Shell OST, can also make such uninteresting two second audio loops for World Trigger.

yuma kun ugly outro

Honestly I could go on about the poor production quality of this show for days! The action is boring and uncomfortable due to the limited animation, and the normal scenes look like crap because the art is flat due to its lack of shading and lighting. Everything about this show is just butt ugly!

duckface the struggle

This is kind of sad too, because underneath all the messy frames of animation, there is still potential for something greater. I can vaguely see a fun shonen battle romp with enjoyable characters, and loads of fun alien action. Yes the set up is pretty generic, Mikado City is under attack from aliens called the Neighbors who are fought off by the Border Orginization; but that’s not all there is to it! There’s a lot of good chemistry between the characters here, and the action here seems like it should be entertaining to watch.

hamburgers always their he goes

All of this becomes apparent when you look at Yuma and Osamu, who are probably the best characters in the cast. They aren’t really well developed or original, I mean Osamu is the selfless and weak soldier while Yuma is the overpowered and witty Neighbor turned good guy, but they’re likable enough. Yuma’s dead pan and honest nature makes for some funny scenes, especially when it comes to his chemistry with the later introduced Ai Kitora, and that makes him a pretty enjoyable character. He’s really good at bouncing off other people, and it’s hard not to relate to Osamu’s weak attempts to become stronger in order to protect others, even if he can be a little dumb sometimes.

I'm hot and I know it conversations oh my

However all of this interesting stuff is buried under yet another layer of crap, that layer being the bland writing. It’s not necessarily bad, or all the painful to be honest, but besides a few conversations between the characters, everything feels very procedural and flavorless. Basically what I’m saying is that the show’s writer seems to be very uninterested in the material he/she is working with. Jeez, even the writing is skating by on bare minimum effort!

ending card

In general I find it hard to find a word to describe World Trigger’s type of bad. It’s not incompetent, because that implies the production staff attempted competence, which Toei Animation clearly did not do. And it’s not malicious either since there’s not really any content that’s mean-spirited. No I think the main word to describe World Trigger is lazy. The writing is lazy, the soundtrack is lazier, and the animation is so lazy that I’m surprised it was even animated at all. World Trigger is bad. I said that at the beginning the post, and I’ll say that here again. If you want my recommendation for it considering this going to be my only post on it, I’d just say no. Just no.


3 thoughts on “World Trigger – Ep 1-4 (First & Last) Impressions

  1. Clair says:

    i find the manga much better. i feel like all in all, the studio making the anime is slacking on the art, trying to get out episodes too fast. World Trigger, in my opinion, is a wonderful manga, i feel like it deserves more than what the anime portrays. Yuma, for example, is drawn carelessly, his head in some episodes tends to become shaped strangely. Furthermore, the show feels rushed, and uninteresting. Personally, I do not mind the soundtrack so much as the art. The creators (of the anime, NOT the manga) need to slow down, reorganize, and stop trying to release episodes out at the speed of light. Basically, what im trying to say, is that World Trigger (the manga) deserves better animation than what its getting.

    • Clair says:

      However, I disagree with your statement that Osamu and Yumma are not original. You will find that later in the manga, which will soon come out in the anime, these two characters are much more than they seem, and I find Yumma one of the most original characters I have seen. If you look to a certain page of the manga, you might find something interesting. I have never seen a main character quite like him. Normally, the main character is a hero of sorts, but Yumma? He seems to hold something much darker, even if not shown at first. here is the link to the page:

      • stuart111 says:

        Yeah I understand. From what I’ve heard the manga is really good, but I stopped watching the anime and I don’t usually read that much manga. I may consider reading World Trigger some time in the future, but that probably won’t be until Summer vacation.

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