Log Horizon S2 Episode 1-6 Impressions

log horizon

* Warning*


Now if you couldn’t tell, the OP song ” Database” easily takes a spot in one of my favorite all-time anime openings. And that song obviously belongs to the MMO anime that makes SAO eat shit, Log Horizon. And i’m hear to give you all my impressions on Log Horizon S2! Onto the review of the first six episodes !

log3   log6





Now the show starts off its second season off with an intense battle involving a huge raid party fighting a huge boss. After that the show goes off into its usual setting of a peaceful and energetic background usually accompanied with a festival or two. But… there’s a problem with Akihabara. Much like half of the economies around the world, the Round Table’s going broke and its up to our brilliant strategist Shiroe to solve it! Shiroe, along with Naotsugu and Regan, leave Akihabara to go solve this problem in secrecy. From there we see the episodes shift back from Shiroe participating in a raid in order to solve Akihabara’s financial issues to the inhabitants of Akihabara deal with a serial killer with a power level equaling mod status.





Compared to the first season of the show, the second season has improved animation, a problem that the previous season had. And the music producer decided to keep DATABASE as the show’s opening theme while adding a cute and addicting ending theme.




The show has some new characters to add amongst their already large cast: Tetra and Kinjou Kunie. Kunie is of the Kunie clan, whose gold Shiroe needs to solve Akihabara’s money problem. Tetra( whose picture is not shown) is a playful girl who joins Shiroe’s raid in episode 2. There are a couple more characters that should receive mention but I’ll let you see for yourself when you watch the show.





But there are two characters that I would like to touch base on: Soujirou and Akatsuki. Shoujirou barely got screentime during the first season. All we found out about him was that he was once in the same raid party as Shiroe, he’s powerful and he’s on the want list for all the females of his guild. But Season 2 not only gave us an insight into how powerful he can be( despite losing) but also showing a dark side, when one of his guild members was killed.

Akatsuki is one of our main characters but throughout the first season I often felt that there was more to this assassin then meets the eye. An throughout these first six episodes, she starts to go through ” Shiroe” withdrawal. Without her lord, Akatsuki feels like she can’t do anything for the most part. She loses her confidence and looks for ways to become stronger. It’s not until she sees Princess Lenessia suffering due to the actions of the mass murderer that she finally tries to do something. And after she fails, she learns to do things for other people since those people may be her friends as well. It was good character development for the love-struck assassin.




Overall, the second season of Log Horizon has gotten off to a good start. Stay tuned for my next Chaika and Amagi post.


One thought on “Log Horizon S2 Episode 1-6 Impressions

  1. Awesome review. And I agree that opening song is one of the best OP even and I was so glad they kept it for season 2. Sometimes great OPs in the first season of an anime gets replaced by crappy songs, so it is nice that they kept the ‘spirit’ of Log Horizon the same by keeping the song.

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