Akame ga Kill Episode 13-18 Reactions

UntitledTake a good whiff guys.  Do you smell that?  It’s the smell of tears.  It’s not going to be pleasant. Maybe.



Well, despite me saying that in the beginning, episode 13-14 is very light hearted and more for laughs than anything.  I mean one of the episodes created a wacky video between Tatsumi and Esdeath.  Anyways, the 2 episodes did make me crack smiles amongst the death and torment that this show has made me go through…. again.  To the people who are into Esdeath, you get to see her more cutsey side.  Good for you guys.  It’s Tatsumi and Esdeath stranded on a deserted island sent by a douche planning god knows what.  It can’t go wrong.


Have you heard our Lord and Savior?

We had our little fun with the whole Esdeath and Tatsumi situation, but something is rotten in the state of Denmark.  The wretched smell comes from episodes 15-18.  Why did I choose to watch these episodes.  Why would I go thrugh the torment again?  If you read the manga, why would YOU, the person reading this right now, watch this torture?  Anyways, the story goes like this.  Ith therious business time as the Night Raid has to protect a religious leader from the Empire’s grasp and keep the religion of peace from becoming a tool for the Empire.  To first do so, the Night Raid presents themselves openly to the Jaegers.  After that, the race between the 2 factions rages.


These episodes are when the Jaeger members, at least 2 of them, shine.  The 2 that get the most screen time are Kurome and Bols.  Kurome is the sister of Akame and has a sweet tooth and can be friendly(in her own way) to her fellow teammates.  Oh and she also wields a sword that brings back the dead to make them into puppets that only listens to the swordwielder’s whims.  Fun.  Bols, man, he is the best and arguably the most likable on Jaegers.  He has a family that he cares for he cares for his teammates and COOKS.  Obviously, whoever cooks must be awesome because I’m hungry.  Also he wields the imperial arm that works like a flamethrower to torch people anytime he wants.  WHOOOOOOO! Fun.  These 2 go against the entire team of Night Raid.  Impressive, except Kurome cheated.  Bringing back dead people from the dead to fight for you? Cheating in my book



Akame ga Kill - 17 - Large 36

Now since the awesome powers have been revealed, let’s talk about the death count again.  Oh man, poor Nigh Raid.  You lost 2 people already… so ready for another beating?  Chelsea…NO!! This is unacceptable.  Why would the author make it so that this character is a bait and switch.  “Here you go guys a new character and I hope you like what kind of personality I’m setting up.  You like it?  Well, go eat shit.  She dies.”  NO! I liked her!  If she didn’t die I actually might have entered a ship in this series.  Well, I guess I should thank it since I can remain neutral in battle ship but seriously GOD!


Family Bond. Too. Strong.

But don’t think that’s all!  One more dead count… from the Jaegers.  The puppets don’t count.  Anyways the one who dies here is….. Bols.  Yay?  To be fair, he was the best of the Jaegers.  But he went out so baaaaad.  Should have died in the explosion man.  Go out with a bang.  But I am going to miss Bols.  His story of his child and his wife was saying, ” Hello I will die”  Still when you tack on wife and kid story to anything, it just triggers something.  Sadness gland? Maybe?

Whether it's cute or annoying, this is the only happy moment you're getting

Whether it’s cute or annoying, this is the only happy moment you’re getting

So here is the run down of 14-18.  Whheeeeeee!!!!!!! WTF?!

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