Amagi Brilliant Park Eps 2-7 Impressions



* This post was made to criticize/praise some random show this season. If you can’t handle what I have to say, you might want to leave now or forever hold your peace. If you haven’t watched this show and you don’t like spoilers, catch up already! You have been warned!*

And with that out of the way, welcome to my second post on Amagi Brilliant Park! I got an awesome number of views on the first Amagi post and I’d like to thank you (the viewers, that is)! Now onto the review!


Let me start off by saying that I probably fangasmed a little too much in the first post. I loved the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya( Haruhi is one of my many waifus) and I cried enough to destroy half my tissue box while watching Clannad: After Story, so I was excited to see another of Kyoto Animation’s works. Now, I’m well aware of the existence of K-On! and Lucky Star, and I do realize not all of Kyoto Ani’s works are amazing. However, Amagi definetly rings my good anime bell.


Character-wise, the show doesn’t always focus on them. We are introduced to more of the park’s workers such as the short-tempered Macaron, the pervert Tiramie( every anime needs a perv), and the show tends to add a new character to the cast every episode. Plot-wise, the show is fine, but it seems to always have a “problem with park-> Go fix it” like episode every week. It’s like watching Bob the Builder, with its theme song being replaced by Amagi’s amazing theme.


But despite that, I really like the show. The jokes are usually timed right, episodes are entertaining and full of fun, plus I enjoy watching Seiya, Isuzu, and Moffle. Seiya has the traits of Kanye West and those traits were further amplified by Lelouch vi Britannia( Code Geass) and Tamaki Suou( Ouran High School Host Club), but it’s because of this he’s likable. He usually comes through for his job and is quite motivated to do so. Isuzu is stoic, yet we got some light on her past and we see her obvious feelings toward Seiya( yet another entertaining part of the show, see episode 6). And Moffle, despite being a ripoff( see Full Metal Panic Fumoffu!), is absolutely nothing like his rip-off. His personality and arguments with Seiya are another meat of the show.



Overall, Amagi continues to be a fun watch for me and I hope it is for you too.

Stay tuned for my next Chaika post!


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