Mushishi Zoku Shou Season 2 Ep. 4-7 Impressions

Mushishi Zoku Shou - OP - Large 02Hey guys! Chuckster96 here. Finally getting back on the second season of Mushishi Zoku Shou. I have to say at this point I’m very in the middle between liking it, and not caring much for it. After watching several episodes the simplistic art style really started to lose it’s touch. What once looked like an attempt at establishing perspective now seems like an excuse for not having to scrunch in a face with decent detail. Anyway, on to the impressions!

Starting with episode 4, I just have to say I thought there was a very weak, exaggerated plot. You can’t really relate to the girl from the story and her problems seem very trivial. Just ask Ginko;

2015-01-11 18_40_23-Greenshot

2015-01-11 18_37_59-Greenshot

It’s really as simple as that. Without that one aspect, we basically lose the main conflict in the plot! =_= But hey,  it is still a decent episode if you enjoy the series overall. I guess the plot may have been purposely made that way, but I don’t see why someone would purposefully choose to make a weak plot. All in all I just don’t see how this got into the show but hey, I’m not the one making it.

Episode 5 was a lot better as far as plot goes. I related fairly well with the characters. It is a little cliche with the misunderstood child factor but, it works fairly well with the plot. I guess Ginko has a thing for shiny things;

2015-01-13 20_05_00-Greenshot

2015-01-13 20_05_35-Greenshot

Hey, the guy appreciates beautiful things! Can’t say I blame him, who doesn’t?

I really don’t have much else to say about the episode, it connects to you on an emotional level, as expected, and the whole thing develops quite nicely. I notice though in all of this, I feel like we should have a little bit of comic relief. There is so much potential with involving kids and having a guy like Ginko as the main character. Everything just goes by without a moment where you can laugh your butt off, seriously.

Episode 6 from the start lets us know what we’re in for with the title: “Sea of Otherworldy Stars”. Yes, indeed more shiny stuff. The worst part is it takes so long for it all to make sense. For the first half of the episode I was thinking, “where the hell are the stars?” Then, we get this shot;

2015-01-13 20_43_14-GreenshotOh, so those are the stars you were talking about…

Finally, Episode 7 was (although with a very cliche plot) heartwarming . I can very often get really soft-hearted and I certainly did feel sad and bubbly both at the same time while watching this episode.

You just have to love the little boy who is the main focus of the episode as he basically is the naive baby-face who doesn’t know why others won’t play with him. One catches on from the start that the prejudice grown-ups have much to do with this as they fear the boy simply because he is not “normal. The boy’s mother is heartbroken by that fact. Heard this before? Wouldn’t be surprised if you did. The great game changer comes in the end  (SPOILER ALERT) though as the ending is not your typical happy one.

Come on though, can you really be scared of this face?

2015-01-20 17_01_29-Greenshot

Alright, as always there’s more where that came from so go check out the second season of Mushishi Zoku Shou if you haven’t already! This Chuckster96 reminding you get your geeky on and as always, content is everything!

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