Akame Ga Kill Final Impression

UntitledSorry for the delay but life happened.  However, I did manage to finish Akame Ga Kill at long last.  And I say the end result was…meh.  The final episode did go out with a big bang, however, the ending just seems… off…

UntitledSo the new arc starts with Night Raid’s new mission to protection of the peaceful religious figure and killing the Empire’s puppet priest to get the morale of the Revolutionary Army.  I mean kind of lame but it is what it is.  This is finally the final stretch with this being the last arc before the finale so of course there will be a lot of deaths.  And let me tell you, some of the characters were absolutely worthless.  And that is just sad in so many different ways.  The 4 assassins,or the 4 Demons, that appear to protect the corrupt priests were just there to stretch the time of this show really.  There were literally no threat to the Night Raid if you think about it.  3 of them died immediately and the last one was more of a distraction to the big fight.  If they were killed that easily than what is the point of then even protecting this corrupt figure.  But on the other side, the more screentime given group, Jaegars, also enter the scene.

UntitledSo, let’s get down to business.  Seryu, Justice Kana, becomes one of the early sacrifices of this arc(well more important sacrifice.)  It may be one of the glorious moment of this anime.  I think i cried out for joy inside when she blew herself up, it was like fourth of July all over again.  And I hope you guys will feel that too.  I also like the anime trying to humanize her, like all the others.  HAHAHAHA. You suck.  She will always be in a dark place for my heart.  Other than that, the ship for Tatsumi and Mein sets sail once again with they blushing and flustering.

UntitledUntitledAfter that arc, the real carnage begins. This arc may be filled with emotions for most people. Emotions of anger for most.   And I would like to point out that this place is an interesting spiral of anarchy in the story line.  Thing tend to move fast and some actions make us shout out “What the hell was that?”  I believe that this arc was just there to quickly wrap up this anime with a clean ending with no loose ties.  However, that just made the story even more confusing and well, made the fanbase for the manga go into a hypershock.  Do not get me wrong since I did enjoy the last fight.  At least for the action.  However, things happened too fast and made the victory of the Night Raid and the Revolutionary Army not as thrilling as it should have been.  Show keeps on wanking off to the fact that they killed a major character in short amount of time, however, this works against it in a short interval.  1 death would be enough to grieve over for few episodes but constantly killing off main characters just makes the watchers scratch their heads and wonder how to react to that.  Death loses value in a constant streak and the whole point of the show was to make us feel for the ones that died, especially the ones who were in Night Raid, or Jaegars.

UntitledAnother weird subplot that needed to e resolved apparently was the relationship between Akame and her sister, Kurome.  I mean from what I can guess, Kurome had some form of cancer or something and she wanted to resolve a deep running hatred that she held for years.  The back story of between them was clumsily and quickly shown.  And a “grand” fight between those two finally occur.  I think the problem is that I know this showed up only for the sole purpose of tying the story knot.  I mean the show has shown that Kurome has little time left but this conflict just seemed out of the left field.


Let’s talk about the ships that was given to us.  Tatsumi with Mine or Esdeath.  Well… they are in a better place now.

UntitledThe final fight was indeed grand and spectacular.  I did like the fight scenes and at least they got me more excited about the ending.  I especially love this scene where Akame and Esdeath were fighting.  That was undoubtedly an awesome scenario.  However, the deux ex machina was just too strong against the God tier Teigu and he fell like a fly and, of course, he needs to collapse on the people how are watching the fight.  The ending was not the best but, I do admit that all ends were tied.  The Empire has fallen, Night Raid has been dissolved, Akame becomes a fugitive for the rebuilding of the new Empire, Prime Minster is dead, and most of Jaegars and Night Raid members have been killed.  I mean nothing can get tighter than than in an ending.

UntitledIn the end, I can’t say that the show itself was bad or god awful but it was just a big disappoint from its manga counterpart(at least in he endings).  I would suggest watching this first before you go into the manga to avoid any disappointment.

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  1. theweirdman says:

    Congrats on finally getting this done. This is by far your best post so far.

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