Kantai Collection Series Review + Kuroko no Basket S3 Episodes #1-12 Impressions


Hey guys! I’m alive. Been really busy lately, hence my lack of posts and why I’m doing a double impressions post. No need for me to do my usual disclaimer intro since i’m gonna try and be funny during the post. Now to move onto the review!


Your favorite shipping better be what I think it is!

So, Kantai Collection. Yea, not gonna lie, this was a chore to watch. I won’t get into what I didn’t like about the show yet(the next paragraph will do that for me), so for now, I’ll brief on what the show was about, and what I liked about it. To sum it up, KanColle is about girls who possess the spirit and power of ships who fight to take back the seas who were taken over by some things called Abyssals. The story is told from the point of view of Fubuki, our protagonist. What I liked about the show was its animation, music, Yuri ships, and how Fubuki actually matured throughout the story. Animation is amazing and especially shows within the battles. The battles can shift the characters to a more video gamish design, but since KanColle was originally a video game, I let it slide. Music is also very good, especially the OP and ED. In fact, when I first heard the OP, I thought they misplaced the anime’s real opening. And while we’re getting on the praising side, I’d like to note 2 voice actors, Ayane Sakura and Nao Toyama, for doing an excellent voice acting job. Sakura voiced nine different characters in the show, while Toyama did six and both did a fantastic job on making those voices distinct from each other. Good job ladies! As regards to the Yuri shipping, what straight man doesn’t like Yuri ships? Throughout the show, there were several instances of lesbian couples(Ex. Akagi x Fubuki, Kitakami x Oricchi, Nagato x Mutsu, all the girls x that ice cream sundae!). And finally, while Fubuki does start off as a weak-willed protagonist, she eventually rises up to become more strong. And that’s something that doesn’t happen for every weak-willed protagonist(I’m looking at you Shinji Ikari and Tsunayoshi Sawada!)

kantai4 icecream

This is probably what she thinks about, but that’s not why I put it there!

There’s a particular reason I put a picture of Akagi next to an ice cream sundae, besides the fact that she probably wants to eat it and its many clones in one go. I have 3 main problems when it comes to this show: lack of character development, a “meh”- ness, and Akagi. When it came to watching the show for the most part, the series went back and forth. On one hand, there were episodes that made me appreciate the show. And on the other, I wanted to bang my head for wanting to blog this shit. In some ways, I personally just thought this show was just tailored made for its core fans and nothing else. The character development shows this. Minus a few episodes where some of the ship girls get focus, the majority of the show is always on Fubuki. Because of this, I see very little to no development of the other ship girls. Sure, the KanColle fans will know every girl(or at least their waifu in the show), but where does that leave newcomers? And finally, the character development leads into my final problem with the show and that’s Akagi. You think my issue is with the character? Now before, you Akagi worshippers want to burn me at the stake for speaking ill of her, hear me out. Despite being portrayed as one of the strongest shipgirls and the trigger to Fubuki’s goal(and masturbation), she doesn’t really get optimal screentime. She appears in the first episode, saves Fubuki, immediately becomes the center of Fubuki’s thoughts(and masturbations), and then moves onto being shown either to give Fubuki advice or praise, or eat as much as Goku. It pissed me off to the point where I ranted about Akagi getting as much screen time as the ice cream sundae the shipgirls always eat(Hence the above pictures). And with all that in mind, I calculated all my judgements together to give Kantai Collection a 5.7 out of 10. Watch it only if you are a fan of the game or you just like watching shows where girls get attached to each other in manners that may seem lesbian.

Kuroko 3

And with Kancolle covered, I can now move onto a better anime: Kuroko no Basket. Its 3rd season to be specific. I actually only watched this show’s previous seasons just as 2014 ended, but they made me into a fan. For the most part this season maintains what Kuroko no Basket is to all of us. These first twelve episodes gave us three games(Kaijo vs. Fukuda Sogo Gakuen, Rakuzan vs Shutoku, and Seirin vs. Kaijo) as well as introducing Haizaki, another of Kuroko’s former teammates, as well as displaying Akashi Seijuro, the captain of the Generation of Miracles. Not much I can say about these two honestly. They’re both dicks.


And this is what’d you call one cocky mother*******.

I’m gonna say this right now: Rakuzan vs. Shutoku was meh, Kaijo vs. Fukuda Sogo Gakuen lived up to the standard of KNB, and Seirin vs. Kaijo is easily the best of this season so far. I know there are people that actually like Akashi(I don’t so far), but there’s nothing extremely great about a game where a team gets one-sidely raped. I mean the final score isn’t what most basketball fanatics would call rape, but it’s pretty close. Akashi can virtually see the future while making everyone fall before him(literally). On the upside, Shutoku did start to make somewhat of a comeback during the game, and Akashi does make his Emperor’s Eye useful for teamwork. Kaijo vs Fukuda(I don’t like typing long names) lived up to the standards of Kuroko, while presenting the possibility that Kaijo could lose for the game’s majority. That, and we still get to see previous defeated GOM(Aomine, Murasakibara) in action, since Kise’s Perfect Copy utilizes their skills as well as the other GOM’s. And last but not least, Seirin vs.Kaijo. I’d say this battle is similar to that of the Seirin vs. Tou game minus the showdown between Super Saiyan Kagami and Super Saiyan Aomine. The battle was really tense and I liked it overall. Definetly got my blood roaring and I can’t wait for more. Plus, Kuroko won the game instead of Kagami for once.


Ladies, this is not what it sounds like!

And thus concludes my blog post. Stay tuned for what I cover for the Spring Season!


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