Shokugeki no Soma Episode 1-3 impressions


More to Come

It’s FINALLY HERE!  Food. Food. Food.  I demand moar food!  Yes.  I have read the manga because people wouldn’t stop talking about it.  And when I actually picked it up, I had my doubts.  But the more I read, the more I wanted to read the next chapter.  And who doesn’t like food in their life?  And this caters to the hidden desire we have for those delicious food.  Who knows, it might be educational…. or at least hints at education.


Our main character everybody

So, our main character is named Yukihira Soma, a young cook who just wants to beat his father in a cooking contest which he fails to do everytime.  Soma is seen as prideful and energetic with a friendly face from his actions like proudly titling himself as the #2 of his family restaurant even though there are a total of 2 employees: Soma and his father.  The first episode is a doozy since it introduces us the tone the anime is going for.  The first episode shows us Soma’s first achievement and the reason why I like him so much.


Reaction to Food

The first episode showcases the first dilemma of the show which is “OH no! An evil corporation is about to take over our small family [insert anything] ”  It seems cliche but the delivery and how they present is beautiful.  Soma makes a bet with the real estate agents and he has to woo them using his cooking.  Of course he does, I mean without him there wouldn’t be a show.  But let’s talk about the small details.   The some of the  percentages that make up the show are made of fun characters and the visuals.  Oh my god the visuals for some of the food looks absolutely scrumptious.  They make my poor self envy and drool with every introduction of the food.  The details they put in and how they make it look like you can grab it and eat it is absurd to my poor stomach.   Besides that point, the thing that, probably, most people watch this show are the reactions after the people eat some of the gourmet food provided for them.  As their taste buds explode with glee their clothes explode with the fanservice.  It’s not only the females who get the fanservice treatment but we get some men fanservice which are absolutely fantastic.  From these details, guess what happens to the real estate agents which consist of men and a woman. You guessed right.  They have an absolute foodgasm. YES



Now let’s talk about some of the arcs that will unfold in these next 2 episodes.  Soma’s father decides he will go on a trip around the world and enrolls Soma in a cooking school.  Soma expects it to be a boring old school taught by an old man but little does he know is that he is about to take an entrance exam into the most prestigious cooking academy in Japan known as Totsugeki.  And then we are introduced with our first female character: Erina Nakiri: also known as best.(JK oramI?)  She is introduced as essnetially the goddess of food and she is the judge for the entrance exam Soma takes.  She is stuck up prideful and very egocentric character who wants the downfall of our little protagonist while Soma is open minded and friendly person.  Perfect juxtaposition.  I like their rivalry and can’t wait to see where it will go to.  Maybe.


What an image to introduce her.

I want to close it off here but I have one more character that is crucial to the plot to introduce.  Megumi Tadokoro: a bubbly shy klutz girl who is so adorable I just want to squeeze her cheeks.  She is literally the only I see as developed and has the most screen time out of the characters introduced.  Another contrast to Soma, she is not bashful as Soma and also always seems to be under society’s thumb.  She then gains trust and dependence of Soma’s adaptive skills and quickly befriends this loud obnoxious main character.

Remember when I said it can be kind of educational.  Well, this anime gives a lot of fun facts about certain food types and their chemical reactions to preserve or make them taste better.  I guess it might be as useful as reading DidYouKnow facts but still educational in my book for people who want to cook.

Overall,  I can’t wait to talk about the rest of this show completely and I have high expectations for this anime.

P.S. I personally wanted to group it more but this has too many things to talk about.

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