Kuroko no Basket episode 13-25 Impressions/Nisekoi S2 Review


* Disclaimer: This will be a dual review post if you couldn’t already tell from the title. ROLL THE CARTOON!

Hey guys, I’m back! Sorry for the long delay in posts, but around the time summer got started not only did I get really busy with summer classes and a job, I also got a little lazy in watching anime. I intend to make up with this now with a double review post covering my review of Nisekoi Season 2 while wrapping up the final half of Kuroko no Basket Season 3. I’m also going to try something new with this post. I’m going to post the score(or score range) first for each anime and then write about why I gave it that score.Nisekoi

Score range: 6-7(My personal score was a 7)

Picking up where Season 1 ended, many came into this season expecting the same formula that happened last season unless you came into this season having read the manga(like I did). Many were disappointed by this season and from the I-didn’t-read-the-manga perspective, I can’t say I blame them. This season had 2 major arcs and about as much filler as one would get from watching a typical shounen show. While the first arc, which featured Chitoge’s mom, was covered well(with excellent visuals courtesy of SHAFT), the second arc, which introduced Kosaki’s sister Haru, was not. Having read the manga myself, several of Haru’s chapters were skipped and several details were left out, such as Haru finding Raku’s locket or Haru having gained feelings for Raku and discovering his false relationship with Chitoge. Along with the random filler episodes that don’t necessarily have anything to do with each other, it’s easy to see why people are disappointed with this season.

However, to be honest, I can be a bit of a lenient reviewer at times. Having read the manga up to its latest chapter(which by the time this post is put up would be 179), I’ve come to get used to seeing filler with occasional arcs here and there. So I pretty much went into this season not expecting a lot and wasn’t necessarily disappointed. Plus, the story lost points but if there’s one thing that keeps me watching Nisekoi is its characters. I can’t hate any of these characters and all of the girls are likeable even in the presence of their flaws. In fact, it was the arc with Chitoge’s mom that launched Raku into “one of my favorite harem protagonists of all time” list(If you watched that arc/read the manga chapters concerning that arc you would know exactly what I’m talking about.


Now it’s time to move into Kuroko no Basket 3!

Score: 9(this season imo deserves no less than a 9)

Another great anime comes to its end. And what a way to end the anime as well. After finishing S2 of Kuroko, me and the weirdman agreed that S2 Kuroko was close to getting a 9 because of how great the Seirin vs Too game was but didn’t come to be because of the Yosen game not carrying the momentum of its preceding game. This time, I feel its different. First, we get an inside look into Kuroko’s past(otherwise known as the Teiko arc). The series has always hinted at what happened between Kuroko and the Generation of Miracles(even showing some moments in several OVAs) but we never got the entire picture…until now. Through the Teiko arc, we see Kuroko’s rise into the skilled passer we know, and how the Generation of Miracles came to become the Generation of Miracles. We also see what drove Kuroko to separating from the Miracles and going to Seirin(I’d rather not spoil this arc). Then we come to the final battle: Seirin vs. Rakuzan.

This is arguably the most focus I’ve ever seen in regards to Seirin working together to beat their opponents. Granted, they are regarded as a teamwork-reliant team, but many of their recent wins(Kaijo, Yosen, and Too) have come from Kagami entering the Zone and soloing the opponents on his own, and while Kagami is a deciding factor in the Rakuzan game, it would not have been enough to win as demonstrated in the first two episodes of the game. Hyuga, Izuki, and Kiyoshi had to individually defeat the Three Uncrowned Kings, opponents that could fight the Generation of Miracles. And Kuroko had to deal with Mayuzumi, another Misdirection user. They even show the evolved version of the ZONE(which I dub “Super Saiyan Basketball”).

My final thought regarding the series is about Akashi Seijuro, the captain of the Generation of Miracles. At first, I thought he was a douche. Then I thought he was a douche that capitalized on teamwork, something that none of the Generation of Miracles do outside of Kuroko. By the end of the Rakuzan game, I think he’s a really skilled player overall with a ZONE that would be like the basketball version of Broly(DBZ), but his other self is still a douche.

Well, that’s my review guys! Stay tuned for my review of High School DXD Born!


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