Kyoukai no Rinne Episode 1-5 Impressions DROPPED

UntitledAh. My third Rumiko Takahashi work that I watched.  And the latest one too.  What do I think of it?  It’s… decent.  I’ll be honest I did not enjoy it as much as I did with Ranma 1/2.  It just feels… hollow.   And annoying.


The synopsis is like this. A girl,Sakura Mamiya, can see ghosts and the ghosts have been harassing her ever since she entered this plane where the dead are satisfied to be reincarnated.  Other than that, she lives her normal life with her friends.  Then one day, her classmate, a red headed boy, whose name is Rinne, with wearing odd clothes to school.  However, no one seems to notice him being in the class room.  Then a spirit comes out of nowhere and Rinne floats with the spirit.  When confronted by Sakura, a spirit comes again and Rinne accidentally take Sakura to the world of reincarnation.  So now, with Sakura and Rinne, they catch ghosts and help them reincarnate before they turn into evil spirits.


Now let’s talk about why I don’t like this show very much.  I do appreciate the mangas that this author create such as Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha.  Heck, Inuyasha was one of the first maybe 10 anime I watched before I became addicted to it. However, Kyoukai no Rinne has a fatal flaw that I believe ruins everything for me.  And that goes to the female lead Sakura.  She is the cause of the BOREDOM that comes from this anime. Her personality is stale like bread.  Like her face is in constant “Wow, that is going on? Oh Well.” face.  She doesn’t give a crap about any event that’s happening.  And from what I’ve seen, she’s more of the focus of the anime and seeing her constantly turns on my “go play video games” switch.  Every time something happens, she takes it way too well.  Even the first encounter with other things, she is just too nonreactive.  I know, she got used to the spirits over the course of time.  But when it threatens other beings, she still has that I don’t care face and it irritates me.  Speaking of not giving a damn, the background characters, they are also dry as sand and have no reaction to anything that is going on. Literally the spirit that was visible to human eyes and then when the spirit is defeated, they go on with they everyday actions.  And the spirits are supposed to be unknown to normal humans so why aren’t they freaking out more after this?  I feel at least Sakura could be something more, something that can help us be engaged in the story.  At this state, I would not give a damn what would happen to her.


Out of all the boredom this show provided me, I did like one character which was thankfully, was Rinne.  At least he was able to crack a smile on my face once in awhile.  Even if it isn’t enough to make me like this show but hey he has a defining character.  A stubborn, poor, desperate boy who is determined to do his job and capture the spirits.  At least I got someone to invest myself into.  I like the adventures that he goes through to try to listen to the “wishes” of the students and get little things out of it.  I always crack a smile when the students give only a little and Rinne calls them cheapskates.  I also want to thank his little tiny mascot, Rokumon.  The little childlike innocence was enough to keep me going.


Despite all the complaining, there was one episode I really enjoyed which was the last episode I watched.  It was about the legendary Hanako-san of the toilet.  Apparently the new character, the obligatory rival for the inevitable love fight for Sakura, named Tsubasa Jumonji kicked Hanako-san out of the toilet and now she wants revenge.  This episode was at least colorful and there was enough action to enjoy myself.  Hanako-san was a character I could sympathize with.  I had more sympathy with the misunderstood antagonist then the main female lead( I will never let this go.)

So this show does have potential since at least one episode was entertaining.  But I just can’t write about something that has so little to write about. So hey, have fun if you continue this and hope that there are highlight episodes.

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