Highschool DxD Born Review



And now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to cover  the third season of High School DxD. This is easily my favorite harem and I was eager to cover it this season. Unfortunately I can’t be the bringer of good news this time, because this season was considerably weaker than the previous two.Onto the review!

The animation got an upgrade from last season, in that it felt much brighter than before. The OP felt a little weaker from the previous DxD OP songs, but the ED was the same in terms of melody and tone as its previous counterparts.










Some characters managed to get some development as well(to be specific: Issei, Rias, Akeno, and Koneko; although Asia got some minor development). To get the minor development out of the way, Asia gains development, not in her own character but rather in her relationship with Issei. She kisses him at the resolution of the Diodora arc. That is all. Issei continues his trend of growing from weak devil to badass devil. This is shown in the Diodora arc when he wasted Diodora like Goku wasted Frieza. Juggernaut drive ain’t nothing to laugh at either. We learn about Koneko’s past. I liked her character but i’m glad I got to learn about her backstory, especially since after Issei helped her resolve her issue, she was added to the harem. We also see Akeno solve her daddy issues. The last season gave us hints as to why Akeno has problems with her father, but we never found out till now. While it ended on a good note, I felt that her problem with her father kind of solved itself. And Rias….well we’ll get to Rias momentarily. Now with characters getting more development, the animation getting an upgrade, and the music staying about the same, what went wrong from the last season?







Well, that’d be the story. Part of the reason why it took a while for me to get this post ready(besides reasons that I’ve listed back in my Kuroko/Nisekoi post) was due to me researching the light novel. I was told during my watch that they mixed some story arcs together(Loki arc with Summer vactation arc), skipped a rating game, and had an arc occur past when it was supposed to happen(Diodora arc). Despite the changes, it wasn’t so bad and I personally had thought that TNK was aiming for trying something new. But then the last 3 episodes aired. I got salty AF. The arc that was produced in said 3 episodes contributed absolutely nothing to the plot and felt forced.  Not to mention, the ending was lazy.







Now, the fatal 3 episodes, in my opinion, felt contradictory and ultimately backfired on TNK’s original plan to be creative with the series. If the 3 episodes were ultimately the reason why pieces of the story were merged, it just ruins an already good story. They may have well just aired the next 2-3 LN volumes because they would’ve been better than what we had gotten. And sure, the last episode did give us what we wanted(Issei/Rias shipping), even that got screwed over(thanks to Issei losing his memory and Rias deciding to just leave things as is). What’s worse is that the amount of lewdness or boobs is shrunk as a result of the increased focus on the story. Hell even the amount of boobs in this post is more than this season gave us(proportion-wise). This is also quite an issue as the story hasn’t gotten close to where the LN gets really good, so the amount of boobs needed saves the show.







Overall, this season was probably a disappointment to fans of the LN. Had it not been for the last 3 episodes, the season would have been fine. It pains me to write this as DxD is one of my favorite harems, but its just the price I pay for having a reviewer mindset.

Stay tuned for when I cover Prison School!

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