It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Welp, 18 months have passed since I last posted anything and my only excuse is a lack of motivation. Ever since exploring TV shows, cartoons and ESPECIALLY older anime, I’ve found myself dedicating less time to digging into seasonal anime (at least until recently). Nowadays a seasonal show has to immediately grab my attention before even picking it up, and previous attempts to put my thoughts into words (of which there are many) have either devolved into sentence-long blurbs or paragraphs of mindless rambling.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of writing, but I have gotten tired of speculation on what could possibly be good or stating the obvious on shows that have just been finished recently. I’d rather gush/rant about shows I genuinely care about or dabble in storytelling of my own. Having said all that, I don’t want to leave this on a silent note like past writers. I at least want to let you know that I’ve been actively watching shows when I could (check my MAL for proof), and have several drafts for posts I plan to finish (in the middle of posting one right now). I’ve made a back-up blog you can find a link below with some drafts in the work (Stephen’s Ramblings) and Stuart111 has flourished with his blog (An Overlooking View). Whether I write here or there depends on my mood, but i’ll announce it here if that becomes the case.


For a quick update of what’s been going on, I’ve spent much time talking to fellow bloggers via twitter. I went to AX last year and had a great time attending the Your Name premiere, seeing Shoji Kawamori and Gigguk, and watching Re Zero for the first time. Food Wars has also inspired me to cook, Boku no Hero Academia has been a blast, and UCHOUTEN KAZOKU got a SEASON 2!!! Star vs the Forces of Evil is my favorite cartoon, and I finally got to play Persona 4 Golden. Also Macross Delta is the first great Macross show in over a decade, and seeing Kawamori while it was airing was a big fanboy moment for me.


A lot has happened in the time I’ve been gone, and I felt that this death should be announced officially before we move on. Thank you for following this time and hope you’ve had a good time reading this content.

Stuart’s Blog:

My Back-up:





About theweirdman

I'm a long time follower of anime, and will continue to do so for years to come

2 thoughts on “It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

  1. Artemis says:

    I’d love to hear about what older anime you’ve been watching and enjoying (or not, as the case may sometimes be). There are plenty of bloggers out there writing only or primarily about new season anime, but nowhere near as many writing about the older stuff. So I’d be curious to hear your thoughts. 🙂

    • theweirdman says:

      If the writing bug hits me again, you can bet i’ll make use of my back-up blog soon for that. I’ve mostly spent time going thru all of Gundam and Macross, but i’m also currently halfway thru Kimagure Orange Road, which i have mixed-leaning-towards-positive thoughts on. My MAL is always open to new views. Once again, thanks for being such a longtime follower. :3

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